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What is the Value of Life

Time flies, days pass, we are young today and soon we will be old, and then death. We keep fighting for things all our life, we accumulate stuff that we never will take along with us. What we worry for today, tomorrow it makes no sense, but still we worry for it. What actually is Life? Family, Relations, Money, Success, Work, Home, Friends.... this is what majorly our life is made of, throughout our life we dwell into these things, which are all so external.

Two days back one of my Uncle passed away. He did not have any family of his own, by that I mean his wife and Children. All his life revolved around his brothers and sisters and their children. He was a very noble soul, all his life he spent in service of others. Always ready to help anyone in need and never talk about it. He was a rich man, so he got good amount of attention from his relatives. He had a sister who was also not married and alone, he took care of her, all her life, taking care of all her needs and meeting all her expenses.

Everyone in the family knew that when he would die, all his savings will be distributed within the family. The last 1 year he was not keeping very well and the last 3 months of his life, he had become very weak and was on bed most of the time. In this time, not really did anyone come to meet him. Some came as visitors, met and went away. But no one actually from the family took up any kind of responsibility. One of his friend, who stays nearby to him, took up all his responsibilities and took very good care of him. Such people are also rare to find.


2 days back when Uncle passed away, suddenly there was a lot of noise in the family, everyone stays in different cities, so to attend his last rites, they had to travel. We have 4 days of prayers for our dead dear ones after the cremation process. The person who was taking care of him did the cremation as the doctor advised it would not be very wise to hold on to for his cremation. In that case none of the family member could see him for the last time. Probably that was the way he must have wanted to exit.

But still everyone made a lot of noise with the person who was taking care of him, and then suddenly everyone wanted to travel to be there for the other prayer ceremony. I found it little weird, just felt like, when he was alive all this time and unwell no one came to meet him and now that he is no more, everyone wanted to attend his prayers. For what? If they wanted they could do the prayers from wherever they are, then why the show off.

It was not even a day and some also started talking about his wealth distribution. Crazy, seriously I wonder, are these real relations. A living person has no value, but a dead one has, because the living old person was a liability and now after he is gone, he is an asset. Now people say, they miss him and all, but when it was needed no one was around. So much show and so much drama. People can be so crazily artificial. I bet if he had not left any wealth to distribute, no one would have bothered to travel for his last ceremony prayers. Now the family members are also worried that hope uncle has not given away all his wealth to his friend....hahaha.....and hence all the drama of this going for his last rites is there.


Death is inevitable for all, some day we all have to go, what matters is how we live and not with what we live. When I see such relations and such instances, I feel it is better to be self centered and live life thinking more of yourself then others. Your relations will be with you till the time you are useful to them in any way. Your value is based on your wealth, there are very few who still get the same respect even after not leaving any inheritance for the family. I am talking from family standpoint, in such cases where one does not have any immediate family member, like spouse and children. It is not that everyone is like that. In my uncle's case, his friend turned out to be like an Angel for him, who took care of him till his last day.

When we are young and youthful, we have many people around us, as we start ageing, the circle gets smaller and smaller, if we get very old, like above 90 and all, then it is only the close family that we start relying on and this is when the true relationship shows, whether it is of love or of expectations.

I personally try to keep myself detached from everyone, even my close relations, because closeness brings up expectations also and when those expectations fail it is hurtful.

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