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If someone has to ask me which is the most powerful weapon in today's time. My answer will be Internet.
As the old saying goes "Pen is mightier then the Sword"

We all are aware that today something happens in the most remotest corner of the world and within seconds the news is all over the globe in every household and the only source which makes this possible is the Internet. And hence this is also one weapon, or source, or tool whatever you can say most people are afraid of and want to do a lot of policing around it.

While Internet is a boon it has also been a threat to the Governments and Higher officials right from the time it was launched and made available to public, and in the recent times as the technology is advancing and becoming more and more adaptable by almost every single person irrespective of the age it is all the more a matter of the concern and hence every Government wants to curb the use and access to information in some or the other way.


Internet Restrictions and Freedom in India

While I do not deny completely that policing is not required on Internet. Considering the increasing terrorist activity in India, it is very crucial for the Cyber crime officials to keep a tab on the Internet access by creating Firewalls and restricting access to certain information.
But that is not the case, it just does not stop at the security of the people which is a sad state of affairs.
Lately a lot of ban and policing is taking place on the access of internet. Like the major on Crypto Market. I do not understand one thing, a government does not think of banning porn sites but does think of banning access to Crypto Market. What is it that they want to achieve with such rationalism?
A lot of policing happens around the Crypto space, around what information is being circulated against the political parties, against individuals who think radically but there is no policing and ban on vulgarity. There it becomes individual's responsibility. So it is all about their convenience, where they think there is no threat to them all that information is good for the public, but the moment they feel a threat to their power, all of that becomes illegal.
Nowadays on Facebook and Youtube we see a lot of content being pulled down which is not in the interest of the governments and political leaders agenda. So it is a clear indication of their best interest and control.

Laws and Rules around access to information on Internet is good, but who decides that? If it is just some few people who take a call considering how they can keep a hold over the masses, how they cannot let their control slip over masses then it is nothing but an act of a hooligan.

These days a lot of monitoring over whats app message circulation is also happening. But just targeting people over freedom of speech and then say we are a democratic country is like eye washing. As more an more people are waking up to the realities of what is happening around and the dirty politics and agendas of the few the more threat is building up for them and to keep things in control all the possible restrictions are brought into practice with heavy punishments.


Internet Restrictions and Freedom in Middle East

In Middle East there is a lot of restriction on the Internet access. Some good and some I find very baseless, and I am not able to figure it out what possibly the reason could be.
The block to Adult sites I can completely understand and that is in a way good though many may not agree. But again there are a lot of ways to bypass and get access to it.
In my country we have a ban on Whatsapp call, though almost every single person uses it with a VPN connection, this is completely beyond my understanding as to what is the need for this ban. There are other ways and means to make a call if one has to eventually so putting a block on one of it makes absolutely no sense to me.


Internet Restrictions and Freedom in Iran

When I travelled to Iran, this was the place where I faced major hassles in terms of restrictions. Almost everything was banned including Steemit, Internet Calls, Access to many websites and almost everything had access to with the VPN connection. So when people want to use something they will do it anyhow, but the only thing is they do it in a rebellious manner.


Everything has 2 sides to it, the world is full of all types of people, good, evil, kind, wicked, smart, dumb. If one has to make use of something they will anyhow find a way, the one who has to fear and stumble down they will never find a way. So while the Restrictions and Freedom all that is there, people who want to use it will find some or the other way.

My observation has been the lesser the restrictions the lesser the abuse. So rather then putting restrictions if the governments can work around the space and regulate it which will be more helpful then people will not have to find ways and means to break laws.

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