Treating Auto Immune Conditions - Part 3 - Lifestyle Changes

You may refer to my Part 1 and Part 2 on Auto immune conditions which you can deal with through diet and alternative therapies.
Treating Auto Immune Conditions - Part 1 - Diet Plays a major role
Treating Auto Immune Conditions - Part 2 - Working with Natural Therapies

Well the Diet and the Natural Therapies are most important in dealing with the leaky gut and treating the autoimmune conditions but nevertheless a few lifestyle changes will also boost the healing process.
There are certain Endocrine disruptors some in the form of Diet, some in habits and some in the form of our day to day utilities. While we manage the diet, if we can also manage these day to day utilities and habits it will be of great help in improving the condition.

So these are some of the few lifestyle habits that one can focus on when suffering from Autoimmune conditions. I will say why only Autoimmune, if one follows this lifestyle it is overall a healthy choice that we can make for our self for a healthy life

  • Getting Right amount of Sleep: Giving good rest to the body is very important a minimum of 7 to 8 hours sleep is necessary in this condition. Overall a good routine, avoiding late nights, alcohol will boost the healing process.
  • Daily Exercise: A little time given to some exercise will help boost the brain. It may not be very rigorous but some Yoga and Meditation will surely help keep the mind and body active. Daily Pranayama routines will work miraculously on the body. Anulombvilomb and Kapalbhatti are both very effective breathing exercises for the body which also has very therapeutic effects. Walking is also very good, a daily 20 to 30 minutes walking regime will give boost to the muscles.


In our day to day life we use multiple products which have high level of chemical content in it and when these get into our body through our skin they somewhere create disruption in our system and bring harm to us. Like the Shampoos, Plastics, Cosmetics, Sunscreen lotions, make up, home cleaning products that we use regularly.

  • Plastic Containers & Bottles: BPA & BPS is used in plastics to hardened them and when we use them the chemicals get mixed up with our food and disrupting our systems. Best to use is Glass or Steel bottles and containers. In that case even plastic wraps which are again a very common kitchen use should be avoided and replaced it with cloth or even a wax paper which is safe. With the use of Plastics we are not only destroying our health but also our environment. Hence replacing plastics with glass in the kitchen is one of the mindful action that one can take.
  • Cookwares: Teflon and nonstick cookwares. Using them at very high temperatures makes the coating break down and releases toxic chemicals into the air which is not good for the health. It is better to use Iron cast cookware, conventional or ceramic cookwares, they are health friendly and does not do damage to the system.
  • Cosmetics: One should otherwise also use cosmetics minimally. Parabens which is usually found in Sunscreens, Deodorants, Cosmetics disrupts hormone functions and a high risk of developing cancer. If the active ingredient is Titanium oxide it is safe to use though it does have toxicity but at a low level. These days you get a lot of products made naturally and without chemicals, it is safe to use that.
  • Personal Care Products: Like the hand sanitizer, mouth wash, anti-microbial products where Triclosan is the active ingredient and is one of the disruptor in influencing Thyroid Hormones. Best is to use more of natural products as possible. Like Himalayan Salt, Vinegar can be substituted for the cleansing part.

I can understand it is very difficult to keep track of so many things but these are one time lifestyle changes, once you bring these changes then you only need to follow it and as you see the benefits and results of this you will realize how important it is.

I am sure you have found these series helpful and informative. Do share your feedback.

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