Treating Auto Immune Conditions - Part 1 - Diet plays a Major Role

My Journey of fighting out with the Auto Immune condition started 2 years ago, when my husband was diagnosed with a rare condition of Myasthenia Gravis which is an Auto Immune disorder.

In the beginning we were completely lost and all that we were doing was visiting one after another Doctor. Along with Myasthenia he also had developed a non malignant tumor on his Thymus gland. For the first few months we were clueless as to what is happening, his condition was getting bad, he had breathing issues, gradually his voice became very coarse, he could not sleep at night and all that the Doctors would give was Steroids which would make him feel better for a certain time and as he would discontinue taking the meds the condition would again aggravate. It was getting tough for us, because I did not want that he would continue taking steroids for a longer time as that had it's own complications.

So that was the time when my journey with the Healthy Diet began. I referred to some information on treating Auto Immune Disorders in the more natural way and the understanding I got was that the basic of Auto Immune condition development is because of the leaky gut. For Treating an Auto Immune disorder the most important is to heal the leaky gut, which no Doctor advised to me. A lot of study was done by my Son and he eventually started guiding us on working on the condition in more natural ways, which began with the most important; Diet.


There were some absolutely Do's and Dont's in the Diet chart. The Diet plan was split in 3 parts.

  • The first part for 5 days which had a very strict regime and very minimal options but that was the most important as it was allowing a complete detox.
  • The second part for 6 weeks which had some more inclusions and this would allow the body to stabilize again to its normalcy and heal the leaky gut.
  • The Third part for 3 days which was the closure and it introduced some more foods before getting onto a normal routine diet again.

The Diet list is long and in each category has lot of options. For e.g. the Oil for cooking, there was an option to use either Coconut, Olive, Sesame oil and some others.
But the strict NOs were Gluten, Dairy, Lectins, Legumes, Sweets. There were some options here like he could have a farm fed Goats's milk.
Every category of food had healthy choices that the diet plan gave us and we realized that we were really not missing out on any thing, we were just making healthy choices. For e.g. Sugar was replaced with Stevia, Normal rice was replaced with Millet Rice, Milk was replaced with Goat Milk and Chocolate was replaced with Dark Chocolate 80%. So there were alternatives for everything that a normal diet would consist.
The only effort we had to take was altar all the kitchen ingredients, it was not easy but we had to do it. There was no point in visiting the Doctor every second day and we had done it for almost 9 months, so we had to take a chance with other alternatives.

Thank fully the diet worked very well. Gradually we started observing changes in his health. he was feeling better by the day. His energy level was getting better. Initially what he would not be able to walk for more then 15 minutes in a stretch the duration increased and it got better by the day. It is more then a year now since we started and things are much better with regards to his health. Later on we also worked on a lot of other lifestyle changes and introducing Herbal treatment and supplements which I will talk about in my blogs to follow and all of it together made a lot of difference. Thankfully he stays in a cheerful mood now.

At one point of time the Doctor was talking about doing a surgery which he gave us no guarantee will cure him and we had to take a chance. Except for avoiding gluten the Doctor never mentioned about other diet alterations, which I now understand plays a major role in reversing an Auto immune condition.

Auto Immune conditions are hard to identify at times and it takes months to get a hang of it. They are not easy to deal with and the most important is the less awareness of it, but trust me a proper diet can do wonders to your health.
If you need any more guidance on the diet plan please do feel to connect with me on Discord.

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Hi dear!!!! Remember me!
I am so happy to find you here!!!
I'm back and I'm going to make more posts again!
Soon I will instal discord again. Hope to find you there!
Have a great day, my dear friend!

05.01.2020 13:19

Yes, I do remember you and glad to see you back after almost a year. Hope that I will see you around more often. Wish you all the very best for the comeback and a wonderful year ahead :-)

05.01.2020 13:39

I'm glad your husband is doing better! I hope his health continues to improve.

05.01.2020 14:25

Thank you for your good wishes @emergehealthier

08.01.2020 07:57

@trucklife-family here curating for @naturalmedicine. Thank you so much for sharing your husband's healing journey with us. It is crazy how diet is rarely mentioned when you are treated by the health system. The most important thing is to educate yourself and take responsibility for your own health. I am so glad to hear he is doing better and I look forward to the other posts that you will be sharing with us.

If you like what we do, consider delegation or following our curation trail on Steemauto. All are welcome to join us on Discord.
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05.01.2020 14:32

Thank you @trucklife-family for the curation. Yes I now believe that diet can cure any ailment when done in the right manner. It is so important to be mindful about what goes in your body. It is the wrong diet that create health issues and a right one can sort it out.

08.01.2020 07:58


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05.01.2020 15:19

Good work! This sounds familiar. I had a bout with ITP 20 years ago. My body was discarding blood platelets about as fast as they could be produced. Whatever touched me, left a bruise.

On & offf drug therapies. Platelets always fell. No nutrition support guidance. They scheduled a spleenectomy. It's an absurd strategy all things considered. Hearing it was the "only known medical treatment"- trust was gone in an instant, thankfully.

What I did fit my means and situation at the time. I would not have done so well, trying to overhaul my diet at that time so life dealt me a favor.

It worked seamlessly because it had to and because I trusted that I'd know when I'd found it. Crisis is a means to higher consciousness! (& boldness) Full remission.

Beside research and focused intention- it was a supplement. Chilled flax seed oil daily to my diet. 2tbsp thats it. Got off prednisone by week 3 - 1 week off & went in after labs were done. Normal range.

Was 1st in a long series of self treatments, usually after medical treatment failed or damaged my life in some way.

05.01.2020 17:03

Wow, that's really good to know how you sorted it out by yourself with the right diet. It is very true there are very handful doctors who would give nutritional guidance, all they want to keep giving is pills and toxify your body with chemicals. There is never an in depth examination done as to what suits your body and what does not. I am glad to read that you are doing fine :-)

08.01.2020 08:01

Thanks. I think what the two of you are doing is more impressive (a lot more effort and inconvenience!). You are learning - a lot. I'm sure that has already improved your health in the future.

08.01.2020 17:00

Great article on the power of food. My husband has been controlling his autoimmune disease (Multiple Sclerosis) with food only for about 6 years now. Before he was taking interferon injections every week which made him sick and still once or twice a year he would have a flare-up. Ever since he stopped his medication and started healing his body with food and exercise he hasn't had a single flare-up and feels great.

06.01.2020 01:06

When I keep reading about the cases where food has been the most important factor my faith on it gets stronger and stronger. So glad to read about your husband's good health now. I pray it continues the same way :-)

08.01.2020 08:03

Making a healthy diet a lifestyle seems to be the best way to fight many illnesses. I hope you find your way among all the good and bad suggestions of what is good for you!

06.01.2020 12:54

That's very true, your diet will make you or break you so it all depends on you what you want for yourself.

08.01.2020 08:04

I love stevia, I've always have it whenever I see it in hotel restaurants or coffee shops.

I should buy one soon. It taste a lot more like sugar than Splenda. Although it's quite costly to buy it where am from but I guess anything about health is worth buying, right?

Though am concerned about different brands of stevia, I've seen some local ones and I am not sure which one is purely made from plants. I have to look up the company that makes it.

Thank you for this article, am learning more about health.

I hope you had a wonderful holidays!


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06.01.2020 21:38

Yes, in the substitutes also it is required to do your studies and then go for it, the market for organic food is also diluted these days so one needs to be careful in picking up the brands.
Thank you and wish you a wonderful year ahead :-)

08.01.2020 08:06

I wish your husband good health, dear! I hope the diet will help you!
and I was surprised milk was not forbidden. Not cow, goat milk but still... You are not vegans, yeah?

06.01.2020 23:29

Thank you @taliakerch my dear. Goat milk is comparatively much safer as mostly they are grass fed. No we are not vegans. My Son had turned vegan for a year and it did not go very well with his health so we shifted back. Now he is on Keto diet and that helps him a lot. I normally take my learning from him as he keeps studying about Nutritional science and experiments on himself first.

08.01.2020 07:56

Keto diet? Oh I've heard much of it, I will read more not to bother you;)
very interesting
and what went wrong with 1 year vegan diet?

08.01.2020 23:11