The days we have all been waiting for....

Steem prices finally giving us some sunshine. It has been a long wait for everyone here to see these days. And now it's time again to get those big smiles back.

In 1 week the price has gone from .20 to .37 and this is the moment we have been all waiting for.
Now will steem regain it's lost btc value that happened in the last few months? That is something many will be looking forward to, but even if it does not, and comes to it's previous all time high, then too it would be good returns from where we are now.
For those who have made investments it will be a different ball game altogether. They will have to see their ROI. But for someone like me, who has build up completely on blogging it is going to be good returns on the efforts that has gone in over the years.


The first bull season that I witnessed in crypto was the time I had just started and it was all very new for me, but over these 3 years I have built up my knowledge and now I do have a exit strategy in place. Anyways I am not quitting Steem. I plan to withdraw some and then this time when the prices fall back in the bear market I will buy in again.

So how much do you expect the price to go up to in the peak times of this bull run. This is crypto market and the one place where miracles surely happens, is here.

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Congrats you have big gain in steem

13.02.2021 10:25

It's a good thing for us. We've long been waiting for it. Glad you've patiently been building for a long time. Hopefully it will rise further and you will enjoy what you reap.

13.02.2021 12:15

Do you happen to know through which exchange can we trade SBD? Thanks :)

16.02.2021 20:43