The Circle of Life

Every time I feel trapped in the emotional turmoil, I know that my frequency is dropping and I need to altar my energies. We all have a go to point to raise our energy bar. While meditation, yoga and many other support systems are there but there's nothing that can beat on my crystals. They are an instant charge for me.

The earthly experiences do get us caught but to only remember that this is nothing but just a learning ground and with each learning the consciousness is only expanding and reaching to a new level. The necessary energy adjustments will bring us the clarity of who we really are beyond limitations and challenges.

The Crystal grid that I have made today is all about centering and grounding. As we grow and center our self from the outside to inside our circle gets smaller and smaller.
The energy of this grid is focusing on the light within, the one point where everything merges.
The energy flows from bottom to the top.
The outside crystals are representation of the gross body and as the circle gets smaller the subtle body gets tapped into and finally all merging into one light of our cosmic consciousness.

The Crystals used in this grid are Carnelians, Tiger's eye, Black obsidian, Citrine, Rose quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Clear quartz, Amethyst and Clear quartz pointers representing the flow of energy from the outside to the inside, centering and grounding oneself.

New Doc 2020-02-23 18.47.37_4.jpg

New Doc 2020-02-23 18.47.37_2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the energy of this grid and the crystals.

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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Comments 9

Quite a unique practice of getting energetic. And yes, they are inspiring.

07.03.2020 13:47

Yes, personally they are very uplifting for me. Thank you :-)

10.03.2020 17:02

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07.03.2020 23:02

So Lovey! Thank-you for sharing 😍

09.03.2020 02:58

Thank you 💖

10.03.2020 17:01

I have crystals but don't know how to use them. Usually I'll just carry one in my left pocket and it's usually turquoise nowadays. I would like to try this grid but I don't have citrine or carnelians

09.03.2020 04:13

Ohh don't worry, it's very intuitive, the one you are carrying may be the most needed at this point of time for you. Turquoise is a crystal for protection, watch out for health.
Again while making a grid, go with the crystals you already have, as I said the ones that are meant for you will anyhow come to you. Citrine and Carnelians are more for the physical energy.
Wish you all the very best my dear with your Crystal journey, they surely are magical. 💖

10.03.2020 17:05

Thank you for the advice!

11.03.2020 20:52

Wow! That looks amazing, like a mix between crystals and flowers - natural magic.
Even looking at those photos raises my vibration.

Thank you so much! A hug from The Netherlands,


15.03.2020 15:34