The AUM of all things

The 3 fundamental sounds of the universe A-U-M, the base of every other sound and word, and the most powerful mantra AUM. Science confirms that the whole of the Universe existence is a complex amalgamation of sounds and that each planet has it's own unique vibration of a sound frequency. AUM is the mantra that is decoded by the scientist as the sound of the Earth, and also identified as the root of our universe. It is the vibration of creation and destruction and all about you and me. When we bring these Mantras into our life we merge into their vibrations. Mantras are not something that we just chant it is something that we strive to merge into and become one with it.

For me personally the Mantra AUM has a lot of depth and attachment. Since years my meditation practice has been AUM chanting. The energy of this Mantra makes me feel powerful. Powerful in a way that I am aware of my possibilities. It emits the word Fear from my life and gives me a boost of moving ahead confidently.
Did you know that even a person without a tongue can chant AUM. This is the only word that can be said without the use of tongue, I am not sure if there is any other. Not that I know of.

A friend of mine, painted this AUM symbol and gifted me while I was in Mumbai. I have kept the frame right on top of my head at my Bed side. I feel good with it's presence near me, I feel the energy of the word is flowing into me even when I am sleeping. And it is painted so delightfully, the bright vibrant shades of blue color really kicks up my senses.The AUM symbol is made from wood cut out, it gives a 3D effect. I had seen a similar picture of a digital print and had liked it very much, so my friend offered to make it for me. So very sweet of her.



Some years ago when I visited Sadhguru's Isha centre, there we had a long session on the significance of AUM and the correct way to chant it. A lot of people chant it as OM, whereas the correct way to chant is by stressing on all the Aaaaaaaaa Uuuuuuuuu Mmmmmmm, and the length of all the 3 should be same. When we chant Aaaaa- it creates a vibration in our lower chakras that is Root, Sacral and Solar, on the chanting of Uuuuuu the vibrations moves up into the heart and throat chakra and the Mmmmmmm chant creates a vibration in the Third eye and crown chakra. To create a balance in all the chakras it is important that the chanting of all the 3 sounds is equal. Also when you feel that there is a imbalance in any of the chakras, the sound of that chakra can be stressed on for a little longer.
When I chant AUM I feel the vibrations of this sound all over my body and coming out of my body spreading out in my space. It is a very beautiful feeling.

The Sound Aaaa represents the waking consciousness, the earth, the physical plane
Uuuuu represents the dream consciousness, the atmosphere, the inner plane, the Astral plane
Mmmm represents the deep realms of dreamless sleep, pure consciousness, the Cosmic plane

Such is the power of AUM and when you integrate this power into your life and become one with it, you will see how life enfolds miraculously in front of you.
Again do not get into the myth that by chanting AUM one is never going to face problems in life, or that everything is going to be hunky dorry and one is always going to be in high spirits. The Karma cycle is always at play, the circle of emotions is always around. We are surrounded by too many interferences. But when our vibrations are high, we have the capability of dealing with anything that comes our way in a smooth manner.

AUM is Life; AUM is Power within


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lovely! wow you went to sadgurus ashram.. sounds like they taught you well!... it aint always easy pronouncing the sound of creation properly ;-)

22.02.2020 11:58

It's a wonderful experience being there Alex :-)

23.02.2020 09:02

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u can keep using the ecoTrain tag also, but we are shifting our focus to the new Community system. It seems really good! <3

22.02.2020 12:00

Yes, I will be doing that. This one got little goofed up in tagging :-)

23.02.2020 09:02

Lovely post, @nainaztengra. I cross-posted it to both the new Ecotrain community and also the SpiritWeb community.

I very much enjoy the writings and videos of Sadhguru.



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22.02.2020 12:08

Thank you for the kind gesture @artemislives. Yes I too am fond of listening his videos and reading his stuff. It's a wonderful experience being at his center. :-)

23.02.2020 09:04

Very impressive to hear about the sacred syllable from you. The are many mantras to the divinity beginning with AUM and you presented it so nicely.

Hari Aum tat sat

22.02.2020 18:22

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and liking my post. It indeed is very powerful to bring profound changes in one's life.

23.02.2020 09:05
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23.02.2020 10:29

Wonderful post thank you. I also learned from Sadhguru years ago how to properly and effectively chant AUM..... just one of so many valuable lessons my guru has shared.
I love the painting your friend made too. x

24.02.2020 13:18