Right Thoughts + Right Words = Magic

Many times we wonder, why are some people always so happy, so contended, so much at peace. Some people having big troubles in life and still have calmness within.
So for sure we know that every single thing in this universe carries energy.

In a day, we make use of countless words, and in silence also we keep creating thoughts in our minds. Every word we speak and every thought that comes to the mind creates a certain amount of vibration and frequency in the universe.
There is a music that flows out in the universe with our every word and every thought. What type of Music we want to create is our choice, do we want it soothing, peaceful, loving or chaotic and fearful, it all depends on us.


Fear is the master emotion of today's time and it tries to cripple us all the time with it's different plays, but giving our power to fear depends on us.
One of my teacher told me once that when we have a problem at hand, be concerned and try to work out solutions but do not be fearful.
Once we get into the frequency of fear not only our thinking capabilities collapses but also our health goes down. Fear starts creating stress and with stress the cortisol stress hormones starts building up in the body and these hormones shuts down our immune system taking us down completely at all level, physical, mental and emotional.

We cannot superficially manipulate our thoughts and words, it is a reflection of who we are. When our vocabulary and thoughts are filled with positive words, we attract the same energy, the same music in our life. i.e. positive people, positive outcomes, positive thinking and if it is filled with negative words then for sure the other way around. Positive words and thoughts can activate the motivational centers of the brain.

Words and thoughts are the most powerful tool to shape our lives. Being in the right frequency is important. But if our minds and tongues are used to being on the other side of it, there is no overnight change that can happen, it is a gradual process and needs efforts to change.


Again no one is saint and no one is perfect, so it is not possible that all the time we can only think positive and speak positive, there will be times when we will be in such situations where we will be driven to lower energies.
Just a month ago I was there and it was bothering me a lot, because I saw myself going down and also it was impacting my health. What I have learned to do for my own-self is shutting down in such times. When I know that circumstances and people are not going in my favor, I cut off completely for sometime from everything and give myself time to again bounce back, rather then being involved and getting more and more into it. I spend a lot of time reading something positive & uplifting, listening to music and taking nature walks. Music is the best therapy in such times, that has also helped me a lot regain my balance.
So one needs to find out their own way to get the balance in the way that suits them best.

We get so caught up in our day to day life that we really do not pay much attention to our vocabulary and also our thoughts, in a day 100s of thoughts cross our mind, most of them we do not even realize, they just happen. We just underestimate their power.

Its very very important to be mindful about your external and internal conversations. It's not only about being good just on the outer side and internally there is a chaos. Peace only comes when both synchronize.

There is a phrase
"Let me know how you speak, and I will tell you who you are."

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