NaturalMedicine Story - My Recipes for making Herbs Incense Powders

Did I mention to you all about my new passion of making Incense Powders? I guess not. So here @NaturalMedicine is just the right forum for me to share this one.
Lately I have been too much involved in exploring the world of herbs and experimenting with them.

When I was in Mumbai last month, I learned making Incense powders from one of my friend and I found it very interesting. Not only interesting but I also got to learn a lot about different herbs. Since then I have been experimenting making it at home in small portions and also gifting it to my friends. I am getting a very positive feedback from them so I plan to continue making it just for home purpose and may be some for gifting also.

We can make 2 types of Incense Powder; Combustible and Non Combustible.

Combustible Incense Powder is normally used in making Incense sticks and they burn directly, where as the Non Combustible Incense powder needs to be put up on something that is combustible like a Coal or Camphor and then burned.

Since this is a Incense Powder and not a Incense stick I make it non combustible and then put it on a small piece of Coal to burn it out.
You may also want to know what is the use of this powder. Normally we burn an incense stick to clear off the energies in our space, similarly Incense powders can be used for the same reason. In India and also in the Middle East Region we have a tradition of doing Luban in the evening time which helps in clearing stale and negative energies in our space.
Items like Coal, Frankincense and Bakhoor (woodchips) are burnt up to do this.

Let me share with you my recipes of Incense powders with herbs and spices. There is no limitation when it comes to making it because you can experiment with a whole variety of herbs and spices making this powder, it all depends on what type of fragrance you are fond of and the healing properties of different herbs and spices.

Today I will share one of the Recipes which I call it the Abundance and Blessings Incense Powder
The first thing you need to prepare is the base powder for it.

Ingredients for the Base Powder are:
White Frankincense - 3 Parts
Myrrh - (It is the Yellow Frankincense)- 2 parts
Cinnamon Powder - 1 part

Grind all of them finely in a pestle.

In this Kit I have the base powder ready in the silver box, the pink one has dried flowers, the blue has some spices and the other one sage leaves.

You need to mix them in these proportions and make one powder.
if you wish to make it combustible for the purpose of making Incense sticks or cones then add Camphor or Coal Powder in it.
If you add Camphor powder you will not get any color, if you add Coal powder there will be a black color.
But be safe a combustible powder should never be used in a electrical outlet for e.g. using in electrical diffusers it will catch fire. so be very careful of it.

Then once the base powder is made we need to add up herbs in it. In this particular one I have used;

Lavender Seeds and dried mix flowers. 1 Pinch each
Sage - 1 pinch
Dried coconut kernels - 1 pinch
Cold pressed Coconut oil - 2 drops
Onion Seeds -1 Pinch

In this proportion you can make the powder which can around 2 tspns. You can accordingly make bigger lots also, but I prefer to make variety in smaller lots.

I have got this small kit prepared with herbs of different kinds to make different types of Incense Powders.

In a pestle add all of them and grind them finely. You need not make it fine powder but do not leave it too coarse also.
Once this grind is ready you can mix it with the base powder and the Incense powder is ready to use, you can store them up in small glass bottles.

How to use the Powder
In the market you get different variety of burner, like the one in the picture below can be used.
Take 1 Coal briquette, light it and put it in the burner and then on top of it add up the incense powder, while the coal burns the incense powder will start releasing its beautiful aroma and spread out in your space leaving a lingering fragrance to soothe your senses.


If you want to go a step ahead you can also energize this powder before using, but for this you will need a sigil which again will be purpose specific.
My friend in Mumbai gave me 1 Sigil on Abundance, which I used for this powder charge.
@in2itiveart makes very beautiful Sigil for specific purpose, I had got 1 for Good Health done for me and it works beautifully. If you are keen on getting one for any specific purpose you may contact @in2itiveart

To Energize;
Take a Bay Leaf on the bay lead write your intention. e.g. for this one Abundance.
Put the Bay leaf in the centre of the Sigil and put the Incense powder on top of it. Store the powder in a small glass bottle.
You can give energy with your hand to it by holding your hand on top of it left over right for a couple of minutes. If you know Reiki, it would be wonderful to draw Reiki Symbols and energize it.

And it's ready to use.

There are Incense Powder Recipes which are Zodiac sign based and then there are recipes which can be used as per the Solar Cycle.
But if you want to keep it simple, you can just understand the properties of the herbs and spices and then make your own powder accordingly, but the base powder remains the same.

I hope you all enjoyed my Incense Powder making process.

Thank you for visiting my blog. ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love;
May Crystals give you the Power"

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How ingenious!! Love this thing :) Maybe I can try something similar myself.
"Abundance and Blessings Incense Powder". I really love the name you gave to this powder!

11.09.2019 21:30

Thanx @missdeli, Yes this was an instant feeling. You should surely try out something with Lavender I am sure it will be super

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12.09.2019 12:51

Oh wow, these are really amazing!! Hoping @nateonsteemit saw this for the curation this week - a great post! I do have some incense that I put on the wood burner, a natural resin one, and I love it, but I never thought of making my own!! What a cool thing to do - very impressed!

13.09.2019 02:14

Getting here :)

13.09.2019 02:36

Thank you my dear, yes it's pretty cool and then you keep playing around with different combinations for different purposes which allows you to further explore the world of herbs and spices. I am enjoying this :-)

15.09.2019 15:01

Youโ€™ve been visited by @nateonsteemit on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Very cool! I can almost smell it here in Texas. When my wife and I were younger we used to burn incense, but we didn't know why. I didn't know there is an actual cleansing use for it. Thanks for taking the time to make this quality post! ๐Ÿ’š

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13.09.2019 23:15

Thank you for visiting @nateonsteemit, yes when I was small it was the same. I use to think that it is just because of the fragrance, but it does such beautiful cleansing.

15.09.2019 15:22

A really lovely post and a product I have been investigating and exploring professionally. Super nice post. :)

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14.09.2019 05:36

Thank you for this introduction, awesome! May I ask you how you make Cones? How does it become a paste?!

14.09.2019 05:40

Thank you for visiting my post @mondoshawan, I have never tried making cones, but the recipe would remain the same with an additional Botanical gum to hold the mixture and give a shape.

15.09.2019 15:27

Ok, thanks for the info... I gonna make some soon, for I have much of all these ingredients which I use on coals...

15.09.2019 16:10