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Importance of Self Sufficiency and Holistic Living for me

When I talk about a Holistic Life, there are many things that I would consider, it is not something in isolation it's a consolidation of my overall lifestyle that would result into a holistic life for me. Starting from my diet, lifestyle, behavior, actions, and the state of my mental and physical health.

The last 2 years has taught us some very valuable lessons and the most important ones that I have learned are these 2 itself. Importance of Self sufficiency and a overall Healthy life.

We have so much dependency on the outside for all our needs. What would it take to Sustain by ourself. I have started believing that a Community living is very helpful towards sustainability and self sufficiency. It is not possible to be owner of every resource we need for life, hence a community living with like minded people will be the first step towards a sustainable life, reducing dependency on authorities and cutting off all in-between margins.

The stronger the community gets with its resources and self sufficiency meeting as many day to day living needs as possible, the lesser we will rely on governments and their resources. Growing our own Food would be the simplest thing to do. Harvesting ground water with borewell wherever possible will eliminate water shortage, installing solar panels for electricity will reduce dependency on the traditional ways of getting electricity.

Some of us have been in comfort zones all throughout these 2 years period, but there are many who suffered for a simple meal a day during the lockdowns, and the main reason for it was dependency on the governments for getting food. Sudden decisions taken on lockdown, even the rich with all the money could not buy food, because everything was closed down. In my city, in certain areas, many of my friends faced this problem, during the lockdown they were not allowed to step out of their home and they were without food. When they requested the police authorities to consider their situation, they were told that they had to prepare well in advance for all this.


It is true that not everyone will be able to grow food, or create borewell water, or install solar panels, due to our way of living in cities, but in such a case, one has to be prepared and stock up some basics at all time for a minimum of 3 months at any given time. If one is prepared then one can even look at shifting to more of rural areas from the cities. If we will continue living in big Cities, these dependency is going to be evident, we are going to face these problems, The more we cut off from the cities and get into the interiors creating our own communities we will create a good sustainable life for ourselves.

Coming to a Holistic life. Sustainability and Holistic living is all weaved in together; it is not in isolation that we can look at. But a Holistic living is more about one's individual's way of life also. It is just not about eating healthy food, but also about living healthy in the mind by being mindful, focusing and nurturing on relationships around us, loving our own-self and addressing our own needs on priority, healthy lifestyle habits like eating mindfully on time, sleeping habits, doing exercise, yoga and meditation for physical and mental fitness, being mindful about our thoughts, self care, living an organic life as much as possible, connecting with nature, practicing Gratitude and living a life with ethics, values and morals.


In short I will say creating a Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and a mental balance will help one with a Holistic life. Making Healthy choices and connecting all parts of us which are all important for self growth.

A Sustainable lifestyle with a Holistic approach is the only way to a Healthy living in all ways. With this not only we will benefit but our Mother Earth will also benefit, because with this approach we will create a balance in our nature and not misuse our resources, we will only create that much what we need and we will not exploit our reserves of resources that we have in nature. We will have a much cleaner and greener environment around us.

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