Free Thoughts for Today on Healing and Healers

Some times when I reflect back at my life and see how long I have come from where I used to be, I get tears in my eyes. Tears not because I feel sad about anything, Tears because I feel very happy and proud of myself for the progress that I have made as a person.

When I talk to my clients, in every client I see a little bit of me and I realize I have come such a long way. When people talk to me, their first instance from my appearance is that "Oh what do you know about life challenges, you must have never seen any hardships" and I just smile to myself thinking how the outer appearance can be so deceptive. Just because today I am peaceful and can have a broader view to life does it mean that it has always been like this. Today I am writing this because last week I had a client who came to learn Reiki Level II, and she was in too much despair with her conditions. She wanted some quick relief measures and her understanding was that learning Reiki will help sort out her issues. Which is a myth of many people.


Learning Healing therapies does help one a lot and they are tools to enhance your spiritual evolution, but they cannot take away your challenges. They will be there but when you have these tools you have a better understanding of dealing with them and also bringing in soothing energies with conscious efforts to minimize the impact of the troublesome situation. Again if you do not do your inner work regularly these tools will give you temporary good feeling and then you will be in the rut. No one can heal you if you are not ready and not willing to, it is an internal job, a healer can only trigger your ability to heal but they cannot heal you unless you are not ready and willing to.
Even after one goes through all the inner work there will be times when one suddenly feels low, out of balance, stuck with situations but in such times the inner voice will be loud and clear and one needs to be sensitive about listening to their inner voice.
So if one learns healing therapies or if one is doing healing work does not mean all problems end there and the person will be able to deal with anything and everything. There will still be times when help will be required.

Other thing I observe is when people are in despair they suddenly become spiritual and when things get better their attention drifts back. I am not saying one needs to be into it all the time, but what is the harm of being mindful all the time and not only when you are in despair. I see this with many when they have problems they will do regular meditations, affirmations, grounding and all other energy lifting work but once they are back to comfort slowly all of this also starts fading out. Imagine if doing these things for a short duration can bring peace to your mind then if you do it regularly how much can it benefit to your life.

Life may not look very good all the time, ups and downs are part of it but one can make it beautiful through their thoughts. So thrive with the power of positive thinking today and all the time.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Comments 8

Such wisdom! So true. Spoken like a true healer xxx

06.08.2019 07:04

Thank you my dear :-)

07.08.2019 07:43

I don't use the word healer anymore. The only healers are us and the Divine. Everyone else is a therapist, practitioner or facilitator of some kind. And yes, you said it so well that each of us needs to ALLOW the healing to flow from within ourselves.

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06.08.2019 16:57

True, we are the best healers for ourselves and that's the best healing one can get, we do not need to go externally for help, it's all within 💖

07.08.2019 07:44

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06.08.2019 23:26

This really resonates with me. No matter how people might appear on the outside, there's always an inward view, and sometimes we go through tough times even if we've already learnt those lessons or have the tools in our toolbox to help.

I don't mind the term 'healer', it's just semantics really - but it's dangerous to put all your faith in one person, when really you have all the tools within. Your clients are lucky to have you to give them some tools to guide them through.

07.08.2019 07:16

Thank you my dear, that's what I always tell them that you can best help yourselves, you do not need to go out and seek it. Life gets really tough at times and you know in such times we kind of lose our ability to work on things we already know. In such times a little external help can again put you back on track.

07.08.2019 07:46

Yes, I saw a reiki healer recently and it was all I needed... a little nudge towards what I already knew.

07.08.2019 20:40