Betterlife with steem: 22/04/2021: My Thoughts - Today is Earth Day - How can we Contribute?

Well every day should be the Earth Day, after all this is where we are getting our life and breadth from. If Mother Earth would have not been the way it is, life would have never existed in the first place, so we humans and all life on Earth is forever indebted to our Mother Earth and it becomes our responsibility to take care of her, just like how it is the responsibility of a Child to take care of their Mother.

But sadly we have taken our Mother Earth so much for granted. We have not left any stone unturned in destroying her and our resources. And the ever generous Mother Earth still like a true compassionate Mother keeps providing us with everything we need to sustain life on this Planet.

In the year 1970 on April 22nd the US nationals took to the streets voicing up against the Environmental destruction and ignorance, since then every year this day has been celebrated as Earth Day.


So how can we contribute to our Mother:
We all have capabilities to do our bit for our Mother in our own way. The least we can do is reduce pollution. Working towards planting more trees in our surroundings, recycle as much as possible, get rid of plastics, conserve water, be mindful of Earth's resources, use light bulbs that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, save electricity.
These are just very simple things that is in capability of each one of us to do and conserve the resources of our Planet.

Our Grounding to life comes from our Mother Earth, the quality of our life depends on how firmly we are grounded and how balanced our Root Chakra is, which is so strongly connected to Mother Earth. If our Root chakra is over active we will always have more craving for materialistic things and be a greedy kind of person. If this chakra is balanced trust issues with people will be maintained, we will feel the presence of now moment and will be well aligned in our physical body with good level of health.
Also in imbalanced Root Chakra at physical level brings poor immunity and this in turn starts giving all the possible Health issues. At emotional level also it brings lot of instability.

The way to bring this in balance is by spending mindful time in nature, walking, Yoga, Meditation, will help in connection with Mother Earth. Our Mother is always there giving us loving and nurturing energies, she never disowns us, we are the ones who do not take enough care of her, and because of which we are already seeing the chaos in the recent times.


What have I been doing personally to contribute:
I have started planting more plants in my home garden
Eliminated the use of Plastic at a maximum level
Minimize the use of Electricity, specially Air-conditioner

The daily things that I do to stay connected with Mother Earth is my regular nature walks and I share that almost every week here. I enjoy doing my Yoga and Meditation under a Tree in the park. Sadly the parks are closed now, so I have to continue doing it at home.

Cutting down on my Water usage is still one big action on me, I am trying to, but I am so cleanliness freak that sometimes it just becomes difficult. But yes this is one area of improvement for me.

Lets aims to bring more awareness in our lives for our Environment and let's take action to conserve our resources.

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Hello, beautiful post! Today Is a very important Day.
Thanks for sharing, Greetings from Venezuela. 🌞

23.04.2021 00:57

Thank you

24.04.2021 08:44