Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - How can I make a difference in the World given my Capabilities?

This is my response to the Abundance.Tribe BiWeekly Question - Given Your Talents, Passions And Values. How Could You Use These Resources To Serve, To Help, To Contribute, To The Environment, To Other Living Beings And /Or To Different Causes?

A purposeful life is just not about taking care of our own needs or being involved and busy in our own lives or focusing on what we want to achieve all the time. Actually who knows the real meaning of life? No one can actually define it because we all look at it from where we are. But yes I believe that we can add up a lot of meaning to our lives by getting involved in the larger interest of people and environment around us, and we all get opportunity to do that.


We all have some talent or capability within us to make a difference somewhere in life to our environment or to people around us. For me I have a very strong connection with Children and I can work with them very well. So given my attachment to them I always involve myself in activities where I can bring a difference to them. There are some projects where I am involved only financially and some where I devote my time. But my aim is devote a lot of time to them. This is also my life mission to start a child care center for the underprivileged children.

In the recent times my speed has slowed down a lot, majorly also because of the Covid situation where too many restrictions have come into effect.
I am involved with a few projects related to children. Like 1 is I work with Children who are suffering from Cancer at one of the hospital. In this project I purely devote my time. Spending a little time with them makes so much of a difference to my own life. Whenever I am with them, the reality of life kind of hits me hard on the face. They do not expect anything much from us, all they want is love and care and they become so joyful despite of their situation.


In the recent times I have also started working with an NGO where we our focus is to educate families and children on Child sexual abuse. This is one of the major problem worldwide, the only difference is in some places it is done openly and in some places it is being done in a dignified manner. Pedophiles are all around us these days and it is so shameful for our society to have such people around us. Once I am back to India, this is one project where I will have more involvement in.

Then there are some projects where I only give my financial help as of now as it's not possible for me to be there physically. One of it is the maintenance of Children at the remand home. I was initially involved in this particular one on physical basis, where every weekend our team would go and spend time with them, and our mission was to educate them on the outside world. Give them right guidance, make them understand what is right and what is not. This one is very close to my heart, since I have spent a lot of time with these kids.

It breaks my heart when I see Children suffering, when they are mistreated, when anyone takes advantage of them given their age. The monsters in our society will always exist so it becomes imperative to give them the right education for self defense. Our Children are our future and giving them a safe and healthy environment means we are going to have a respected and a sensible future generation. What happens in their growing up is very important, what they go through, what they hear, see all has a big role to play in shaping them up as healthy or unhealthy Individuals.

This is my contribution to the world, I am sure it makes a lot of difference. Specially when I see their happy faces I know I have done something worth and I am doing enough.

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