Athletes And Mental Health

Many students, who are athletes, constantly have to cope with their studies as well as the pressure that comes with training and competitions.

Below is a videoclip that shares about the mental health issues of student-athlete.

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There are student-athletes that develop depression and even eating disorder.

Seeking help is important especially when mental health issue start to develop.

The awareness and learning how to manage their mental health would allow them to avoid serious consequences that can even be life threatening for some.

I do hope educators and parents would raise greater awareness especially when an athlete that looks strong on the outside but he/she may be facing serious mental health issues.

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Athletes should stay healthy. When we talk about health, we usually think of physical health and overlook mental heath. Mental healh of an athlete is very important that highly influence on his/her performance.

Thank you @nailyourhome for sharing this.

08.07.2019 14:05

Yes. You have said it! It can affect the performance indeed.

09.07.2019 12:59

Yeah, mental health and strength is so important in sports.

09.07.2019 01:01

Thanks for your valuable comment and support! Mental health is an neglected area for many sports people. You are right!

09.07.2019 12:58