Virtue of Leader-Lessons from king Lion


The Lion as always been known the king of animals in the jungle, a lion is not anywhere close to the size of an elephant, a very big animal 2 to 3 times size of a lion, but the elephant still sees lion as a threat in the jungle

The lion bite force is not among the top nine bite force of animals, such as Hippopotamus, Jaguar, Hyena, Grizzly Bear and so on, despite all these, Hyena always come in pack in other to snatch food from lion, but the lion has to eat before they take over.

Whenever a lion moves around in the jungle the fear is always there for the animals around the area of the visit, which shows the fear has nothing to do with the size, whether tall, short, hugeness as many huge animals are scared of.

The lion has always possess confidence to go for its desire, even if it might not work sometimes, and amazing part of the life of this king is he doesn't always hunt by itself most time, it is done by the female lioness.

Hope we can learn highlights from how lion could have made the throne of the king of the jungle

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