I lose trading altcoins on binance

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We should sometimes be careful for what we wish for when trading on exchange platform, you have every tendency to get reckt if you trade with bad coins which i now call shitcoins, I recently put an investment of $200 on binance, the bad moments started trading dent token, i made a mistake with dent the pair is very slow which make me to place market order in a bear market, the satoshi of dent is very low, i lost my first $20 here when it dump, there is something about crypto which is you lose when you sell, I was impatient selling off when i was disappointed.

My first week I already loss 30% of my investment, currently the loss exceeded to 86%, I always have the fomo of every coin, but whenever I buy it gets dip, that was greed, then i started realising btc is the best, and I get to learn more from my mistakes, currently we are in a bear market of altcoins and bitcoin, hope we see a bull run very soon to recover losses.

They always say that you should remember you are responsible for your financial investment in cryptocurrency,

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You can make money on any market condition but you need to develop your own system and stick to it.

30.09.2019 23:59

Yeah sure

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