How Facebook affects our social life


Each and everyone of us will at least have 500 friends we have never meet in life and probably will not happen, facebook is a social media platform that allow you to connect with people you have never meet before or probably your friends and family, some people even luckily found their dating partners on the platform, but don't get too attached, most of the things you see on facebook aren't real, they are fakes, and could change your life forever.

Just like the addiction of marijuana and harmfull drugs, facebook has addiction too, because whenever you post your picture on the platform you tend to check if friends are liking it from time to time, this is virtual and not real and it is killing a lot of people mentally because to will force to believe some people really cared and some doesn't care about you.


Facebook is a place where friends will post beautiful pictures probably edited or staged pictures of themselves, taking pictures at car parks or shopping malls doesn't mean you are having a good life, meanwhile fake, most of lifestyle which isn't real, most depressed people this days are as the result of too much facebook and other related platforms, Life will be 10X better is there wasn't facebook.


Facebook is the most used medium for internet fraudsters they claim to be your friend or try to toast you into a dating relationship of lies, just to find a way to steal your money, their are so many hacked account around the platform sending request to you account just to steal your money its a trap, always make sure you are careful not to fall victim of it.

A lot of fake businesses on facebook, telling you to invest your money, and many fake lottery sending you messages that you won a grant, if not careful you will fall victim for it, the platform is actually doing a lot of harm than good to the world, i hope you guys aren't falling victim of it anymore, the world would have been better even 10x without the Facebook.

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