Getting the brain to work


The human brain was estimated by the scientist to have a storage of massive bytes, its unknown maybe billions or more, imagine we could remember things we have done when we were infant, what we said, learn, and see at the particular moment, the moment you channel your brain in learning about something, you discover how the input of knowledge is received by the receptor.

The brain controls all the sense organ in the body, everything we do day in day out, the storage memory in the brain is impressive, and i still find it hard to believe that someone is dull, everybody has its own intellects and what they can contribute in this life.

In the age of internet of things there are many ways to make the input of our brain be working on learning about thing you never could imagine you could do before, you can become a blogger, you can become a cryptocurrency trader, a forex trader, a lot of inputs about things you wouldn't imagine you could become.

It is important for us to know the storage capacity, ram, and processor of our mobile phones and laptops to be able to run the tasks and for enough storage for our inputs on the gadgets, in this age where mobile phones are now using 12gram and 256gb storage, unfortunately they all have limits, there is even cloud storage in some operating system, our brain is unlimited to these aspects in storage capacity, we can receive information as much as possible we want.

In my quest of becoming a blogger 3 years ago i developed myself in the aspect of how html and css is implemented of websites, learnt about how to write my own codes, and integrate it on my website, the idea was what i could never forget again since have been making use of it, to learn about things this can take months to understand.

You can become a better cryptocurrency or forex trader, but watching the basics and learning the right strategies on youtube, there are various videos on youtube that will teach you so many thing about how to go about it.

I believe Learning is continuous everyday of life, and more importantly the output of the knowledge we know will make it stick to the brain everyday, its a better way of learning and storing information, teaching other people what you know will be a progress in what you already know.

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