BOB - blockchain powered phone

🔴     The special BOB device was created by the Function (x) cryptocurrency project in the first half of 2018. The first prototype was an ingenious mobile handset with a first-class screen and three buttons for control. Initially, a converted Android operating system was installed inside the XPhone. It was deliberately modified to work on the Function (x) crypto project blockchain. Android OS was not chosen by chance. Its source code is available for changes to all developers, in addition, Android runs on more than 3 million devices. Creating a Blockchain Android-based BOB phone, the team made sure that all regular applications in the OS function the same as on the Android operating system.

🔴     Individual applications will be preinstalled on the Blok On Blok blockchain phone to interact with the f (x) decentralized network. In particular, the XWallet wallet. The total number of such applications certainly will grow with the popularity of the Blok On Blok Blockchain phone itself. Smartphone application developers will be able to create applications that will work successfully with the decentralized network of the Function (x) crypto project. If the application is popular, the application developer will receive daily promotion in the form of Function Tokens (X) project FX tokens. However, for the initial placement of the application on the blockchain, it will be necessary to pay a commission.

🔴     The Xphone will only function in a couple of modes - generally accepted (you can chat over the cellular network and forward messages to anyone) and blockchain mode. Blockchain mode can be activated by simply pressing the f (x) button on the phone. In this mode, all phone calls and sms transmission will be securely encrypted and will be transmitted via Blockchain f (x).

🔴     A blockchain phone that interacts with the f (x) network must have super-powerful parameters. Therefore, the very first special phones will be characterized by approximately the following characteristics: Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 660 main processor, 6 Gigabyte RAM, 128 GB ROM, 3,500 mAH battery, 16 megapixel front camera, and 48 megapixel rear camera.

🔴     The cost for the first version of a special XPhone device will be 6 hundred dollars. Perhaps at some point in time it will rise. As a result, it is important to purchase the first model of a special device at the lowest cost if you are going to become the owner of the world's first Blockchain Xphone.

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