The Problems I'm facing with Tron and Steemit [100% Powerup Post]


Hello Everyone

It's been a week the tron has been released. So everyone know atleast what is tron. I think I don't need to write about it. In today's post I'm going to write about what problems I'm facing with Tron and Steemit also. So don't waste any time and let's get into topic.

Problem 1 : Lost Trx account

In few days I have seen lot of people facing this problem. Some of my friends also said about this problem with me. I asked them what did they do? They replied to me that they updated their trx account. I understand what was the problem without listening full of their story. They simply updated their trx wallet and didn't download the pdf of their tron account. The instructions were given before update the trx account. But this is a new thing. Most of the users didn't aware of that. So this is their fault.

The problem I faced


So few days ago I decided to updated the trx account. I read all the instructions abot how to update trx account and what will happen without downloading the pdf file. So I updated my trx account and downloaded the pdf file that has my active key. But this morning I faced a big problem. This morning I decided to check my trx wallet but I couldn't find my pdf file. My pdf file was deleted. I searched for the reason. I discovered that my space cleaner cleared my browser data. That's why I lost my pdf.


My question on this problem:

  • Is there any solution for losting trx account?

Problem 2: Facing Problem with collecting trx reward:

So this is another problem I'm facing from past days. My friends also facing the same. I got many trx rewards. The trx rewards claiming bar was visible in my notifications. I claimed my all trx rewards but the rewards weren't showing in my trx wallet. This problem happening again and again.

Problem 3: Can't Post on steemit by Phone


I think this is a big problem because this site is all about posting. If you can't post you can't grow. I'm facing this problem for many days. The problem is you can't post anything by your phone but you can post by Laptop, Pc, Tab etc but I think some people don't have all these things so they are in trouble. I know many people made solutions for this problem but these aren't a good solution. It's annoying to post through a link. There's no update about this posting problem. I hope steemit will find a solution for this problem.

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