THE DIARY GAME : 6/11/2020

November 6,2020


Hello Everyone

How are you all? Hope fine. I'm also fine. Let's start my diary post.


I woke up late today cause I didn’t had to join work earlier. After waking up I went for brush my teeth. Then I went to toylate. My bedroom was messed up so I cleaned my room.
I was hungry. Mom gave me breakfast. It was fried egg and ruti. I had my breakfast.



Photo Description: I was having my breakfast. I was having ruti and fried egg. It was delicious.

I didn’t studied for long time. I had to do preparation for my versity.So I started studying. I studied untill I felt bored. Then I watched tv.

Sometimes later our elder brother called us for some work. So I went out. I went to the playground. There I saw everyone. They were talking about our pitch. We need to roll the pitch.

So we started work as we planned.



Photo Description: We were rolling the pitch.

We rolled for half an hour. After that we sat on a bench. We talked with each other. @tarpan offered us snacks. We had that snacks.


I came back home at noon. I went for bath. I had a bath. I came after bath. I went to rooftop for drying my clothes. Few minutes later I went out. There was @tarpan @boss75 @saany and @alaraf. We need to understand something. So @tarpan will help us.


While watching

Photo Description: @tarpan was showing us how to do that work. We were watching him.

After an hour later we went to home. It was our lunch time. We had our lunch. Then I was browsing Facebook. At afternoon I went for playing cricket.


Playing cricket

Photo Description: We were playing cricket. @tarpan was batting at that time.

We played two matches. We lost two of them. But we had fun to play.

That's all for now. See you all tomorrow.

Thank you.

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