THE DIARY GAME : 28/12/2020-[100% Power up post]

December 28, 2020





Today my mother woke me up. I woke up at 8 am . I got up from bed. I went to washroom for brush my teeth. I took the toothbrush and add some toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. While I was brushing my teeth I was thinking about steemit. How to improve my posts and many more. I finished brushing my teeth.I came to my room. I made my bed.

Then I sat on my bed. I was feeling bored so I thought of watching a movie. There was a new movie released recently. It's name is "Wonder Woman". I started watching it. It's an average movie. I liked the story of this movie but they could do better.

Few minutes later my mom came with my breakfast. I got up from my bed and went for wash my hand. I had my breakfast. Today's breakfast was very tasty. Suddenly the net connection gone. So I went out for a walk. There I met with @saany @alaraf. He told me that they had some work in field. So we we went there.


We reached to the field. There was our elder brother and two women were present. One of our elder brother told us that the women will coated mud today. Our pitch is cracked because of winter. So we need to cover those crack to play properly.

We started watering the soil to make mud. After that we let women to work. We came back. @alaraf wanted to click photos for "Town in ten pics" that's why we went out. @sohanurrahman also joined with us.


We went to the bus terminal. There @sohanurrahman wanted to treat us. So we went to a hotel. The hotel was very crowded. We hardly got a table to sit. Then we ordered Moglai. After few minutes later they served use Moglai.

The Moglai's taste was decent. Not good also not bad. After having Moglai we ordered tea. We started drinking tea. We were chatting while drinking. After that we came out. @sohanurrahman paid the bill. Then he bought us drinks.



After that we went for taking pictures. @alaraf started to go every places where he can take pictures for tenpics. We walked every places. Because of that we were tired.

Last time we went to a school to take photos. There we saw that others school also came there to take new books. These books are distributed by government for study. After taking pictures we came back.


I came to my home. I was a bit sweaty though it's winter . I thought of taking a bath. So I told mom for giving me hot water for bath. Then I started playing games on my phone. After an hou later my mom gave e water for bath.

I went to bathroom. I tasted the temperature of the water. It was over heated, so I added some cold water and balance the temperature. Now it's a good heated water to bath. I had a nice bath.

After bath I came out from bathroom. It felt very nice to bath with hot water. I went to rooftop for drying my clothes and towel. I stayed there for sometime. I was taking sun rays. Then I came back home.

I was very late for lunch. I asked mom for lunch. She gave me lunch. Today I have chicken curry and rice for lunch. It was very delicious. After having my lunch I went to kitchen and washed my plates. Then I came to my room. I felt very sleepy. So I went for sleep.



I slept for an hour. I woke up at afternoon. I went out for playing cricket. I was in @tarpan's team. Today we played two matches. We did very well though we lot. But it was very fun to play. At evening I came back home.


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Nice diary. 1st photo is awesome. I wanted to play badminton, but my friend was sick, so I couldn't go.



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