THE DIARY GAME : 24/12/2020-[100% Power up post]

December 24,2020





Today my mother woke me up. I woke up at 8 am . I got up from bed. I went to washroom for brush my teeth. I took the toothbrush and add some toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. While I was brushing my teeth I was thinking about steemit. How to improve my posts and many more. I finished brushing my teeth.I came to my room. I made my bed.

I was using my phone. Suddenly I heard a noise. It was my stomach making noises for food. I was hungry. I went towards kitchen. There was my mom working. I told her to give me breakfast. She gave me breakfast. I took my breakfast and came to my room.

I had my breakfast. Today my mom made egg curry and ruti for breakfast.Then I went to kitchen and washed my hands. I came to my room. I again started using my phone. @boss75 messaged for meet with him. So I went outside to meet him.

While walking I saw @saany was coming. So I walked with him. We sat on a bench and wait for @boss75. After a few minutes later @boss75 came. We passed a good time.


Few minutes later @alaraf called us. He told us that he wanted to water the badminton court. There were too many dust in badminton court. So If we water the court then we will not get dust while playing badminton.

We went to the badminton court. There was already @alaraf and a younger brother present there. He get a pipe to water the badminton court. When we went there he started watering the court.


After watering the badminton court we came back. We were thinking about to coted mud in our cricket pitch. So we went to our field. We hired to women for doing this job. We bought soil.

Few minutes later two women arrived at playground. We talked to those women. We told them what we wanted. We discussed about their fair. They told that they will do this work tomorrow. Then I came back home.



I came back home at noon. I went to bathroom for bath. I had a nice bath but it was ver cold. I went to the rooftop for drying my clothes. I was sitting under sun rays. It was a nice feeling. After few minutes later I came back home. I was browsing steemit. My mom called for lunch.

I was having my lunch. Today my mom made chicken, vegetables and rice for lunch. I had my lunch then I went to kitchen for wash my plates. I came to my room. I was taking rest for sometime. I was feeling bored. I thought of watching Bachelor Point drama.

I started was watching Bachelor point season 3 episode 33. Today's episode was very good. I loved it. Then I watched some songs and funny videos. I passed the noon by doing this.

At Afternoon I went out for playing cricket. I reached out to the field. There was everyone present. They were dividing teams. I was in @tarpan's team.

@saany and @sohanurrahman was also in our team.
We lost the toss. Opponent choose to bat first. So we had to field.


It was second innings. @tarpan was batting at that moment. I was watching it. At that time I took this photo. We played two matches. Our fielding and bowling was very bad. We lost those matches.


I came back home at evening. I washed my hand, face, mouth and feet. Then I came to my room. I was watching YouTube cartoons. I watched Gopal Bhar. My dad came from market. He bought snacks with him.

I had snacks. Then I took some rest. After half an hour later @sohanurrahman called me. He told me that he came with his friend for playing badminton. So I went out for playing badminton.


I was playing badminton. I played a lot of matches. We had a lot of fun. Then everyone left for home. I also came back home.


The post is set to 100% power up.

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