THE DIARY GAME : 21/10/2020

October 21,2020


Hello Everyone

How are you all doing? Hope fine. Today I'm going to write about today's activity. So let's start.


I woke up late in the morning because I slept late last night.

Window view (MWG6+HV)

Photo Description:I looked through the window. The weather was sunny today but a little bit cold. I think the winter is coming.

I went to the washroom for brush my teeth. While washing my teeth I was thinking about my Hsc exam. 5 months had been passed and I couldn’t attend my exam because of covid-19. If these all things won’t happened then we didn't had to struggle so much. My study is hampered by covid-19. Not only mine, everyone's study is hampered. I hope Allah will help us to overcome this situation.

When I finished brushing my teeth I went for cleaning my bedroom. My bedroom was all messed up. After cleaning my bedroom I felt very hungry. I asked mom for breakfast. She gave me breakfast. I had my breakfast.



Photo Description: I was having my breakfast. Mom gave me ruti and fried egg for breakfast.

Then I was browsing social media. I was checking some notifications and messages. Once upon a time I was very addicted of using social media. I used social media all day. One day I realised that using too much social media is wastage of time. So I get Over from this addition. I only use it in my free time. Sometimes later I went for study.

I did my homework which were given from last online class. Then I went for a walk outside. While walking I met with some friends and elder brother. They were sitting on a bench. I joined with them.


Meet up (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We were having fun. At that time I took this photo.


I came back home.I became very sweaty. I went for bath. After taking bath I was feeling relaxed. I started watching Tv. There was going a good movie. I watched that. I enjoyed that movie. It is a action based move. I love action movie.

It was noon. It's our lunch time. We all had our lunch together. Mom prepared Rui fish,rice and dal. After eating lunch I was feeling full. So I took some rest.

Then I was watching some YouTube videos. I watched some educational videos also watched some good vlogs. I passed the noon by watching YouTube.

At afternoon I went for playing cricket. We plaed 2 matches. Lost first match and won one matche. We play cricket for fun not for winning though I felt sad for losing first matche.


playing cricket (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We won the toss and choose to bat first. @tarpan was batting.

It was getting dark. So I headed back to home.

That’s all for today.See you tomorrow.

Thank you.

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You had a delicious breakfast.
Try to tell your night activity.
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