THE DIARY GAME : 19/09/2020

September 19,2020


The day of buying my new phone.

Hi all!
How are you? Hope you all fine. I am also fine. Let's get into my daily diary post.


Today I woke up early in the morning. Everyone is busy in their work except the children. They woke up late daily. I was a bit excited because today I will buy a new phone also will buy for my mother. My phone got old so I had to buy a new one. I got up from bed. I went towards the washroom. There was already a person in washroom. I waited there. Sometimes later my sister came out from the washroom. I entered the washroom and closed the door. I bought a new brush yesterday so I didn't have to brush my teeth by my finger. I took the brush and put some toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. After brushing my teeth I washed my face. Then I came out from washroom. I took my phone and started using Facebook. A made came near me and asked for breakfast. I told her that I was hungry. She went to the kitchen.



Photo Description: I was sitting in the sofa. Suddenly made came with my breakfast. She gave it to me. I was having my breakfast at that time I took this picture.

After finishing my breakfast I went to kitchen to wash my hand. Then I sat on sofa and started watching tv.


Drinking tea

Photo Description: I was watching tv. My sister offered me a cup of tea. I didn't denied. I took that cup of tea. The cup was too hot. I took this picture at that time.

I was doing something. At that time my cousin brother came home. He told me to go to the market for buying my new phone. I was happy. I got dressed. We call a uber. We went to the market. But the shop was closed. It will open after an hour a later. We thought of roaming around the shopping mall.


Shopping mall

Photo Description: We were walking through the mall. At that time I took this picture.


Me and my cousin

Photo Description: We was talking about my choise of phone. At that moment we took this photo.

We passed an hour. We went to the shop to see if it was open or not. The shop was open. We entered the shop. The shop keeper welcomed us. He told us to have a sit. They asked my choice of phone. I told them that. They showed two phones. One for me and one for my mother. I liked two of them. I payed the bill.


My new phone


We didn't see the time. It was noon. We passed a lot of time. So I called a uber. The uber arrived after half an hour later. He was late because of traffic jam. We got in the car. The uber driver started driving car.


Going home

Photo Description:

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Thanks for the suggestion

20.09.2020 13:37

breakfast with ruti and egg was really good for health.



20.09.2020 12:36

Yes it is. Do you have more knowledge about healthy breakfast?

onepercent #bangladesh #affable

20.09.2020 13:38

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