THE DIARY GAME : 18/11/2020

November 18,2020


Hello Everyone

How are you all. Hope fine. Today I'm going to write about today's activity.

Surprise Guest


Today I woke up early in the morning. I woke up at 9:30 am. It's early because usually I don't wake up at that time. That's why it's early for me 🐸.

There's a reason behind my early rising. I woke up from noise. I asked mom what was all that noises for. She replied that a monkey came into our area. So everyone went out for watching it. These are rare events that doesn't happen everyday. So I didn't waste any time and got up from bed. I went to washroom. I took my toothbrush and added toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. I finished brushing my teeth and went outside to see the monkey.

Monkey (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur, Bangladesh)

Photo Description: I went out. I saw that money was sitting on road. He was sitting like a baby. At that time I took this photo.

I thought of giving monkey something to eat. So I told my mother. She gave biscuits. It would be better if she had given me banana, I throw those biscuits and the monkey got scared by that incident. The monkey ran away. Everyone was following him but I lost my interest. So I came back home.

I came to my room. I made my bedroom. I felt very hungry but my mom was outside watching that monkey. So I had to take breakfast by myself.

Today my mom made vegetables and ruti for breakfast. I forgot to take photo of breakfast. I had my breakfast.

After that I went to kitchen. I washed my bowl then I came back to my room. I was watching YouTube videos.

Bachelor Point drama

I watched Bachelor Point drama for 20 minutes. Then I thought of went outside for a walk. As I thought I did. I went out for walk.


While walking (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur, Bangladesh)

Photo Description: I was walking on road. I thought of taking a selfie. So I took this selfie.

I was walking for a while. Then I sat on a bench fo rest. I saw @boss75 and @masum71 was coming towards me. They sat beside me. @masum71 told that today he will go to Dhaka for buying laptop. I asked him what specification he needed for his laptop. We talked for a while. Then @saany and @tarpan joined us. We talked about steemit. We shared our ideas about steemit.


Meet up time (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur, Bangladesh)

Photo Description: We were talking with each other. At that time I took this photo.


It was noon. @boss75's mom called him. Then we realized about time that we were outside for a long time. So I said bye to everyone. I came back to home. I went to bathroom. I took a bath. It was very cold. I went to rooftop for drying my towel. I was taking sunbathe. It was feeling nice. Then I came back. I came to my room. I was listening songs in my computer. My mother called for lunch. I went for my lunch.



Photo Description: I was getting my lunch. Today my mom prepared healthy lunch. At that time I took this photo.

I had my lunch. Then I went to kitch for washing my plate. After that I came to my room. I thought of playing video games. So I sat on my computer. I played a computer game. It was Horizon Zero Down. The graphics looks awesome. I had fun playing that game. I passed a good time.

It was afternoon. It was my time for playing cricket. So I went out playing cricket.


While playing cricket

Photo Description: We won the toss and elected to bat first. @tarpan was batting at that time and @sohanurrahman was in opposite.

We did some great runs. Thats why we won that match. But after that we lost last match. We enjoyed the matches.
It was getting dark so I headed back home.

-------------->That's all for today<---------------

Comments 21

I read the whole diary post and mentioned everything in a very good way, the picture of the monkey has been amazing. Do monkeys always come and sit in the field like this?


19.11.2020 00:43

Thanks for reading my diary post. No this incident was 1st time happened in our area. I think this monkey came in a Banana truck. He might be lost.

19.11.2020 03:54

Well! Welcome brother ☺️

19.11.2020 05:04

তোমার বন্ধু কেলোকায় আসছে৷ তার জন্য কি কি আয়োজন করেছিলা? সেই খেলা হচ্ছে৷ সকালে খেলা হয় না?

19.11.2020 03:26

Animals are everyone's friend. I think everyone loves animals. I tried to give him some biscuits. It would be better If I could give him bananas but unluckily I didn't have at that time.

No we don't play in morning.

19.11.2020 03:57

It's early because usually I don't wake up at that time. That's why it's early for me.

Brother it was a lot of beautiful jokes.Brother wake up so late but not exactly harmful to your health. Everyone in the picture looked smiling but saany brother looked annoying. God bless you.

onepercent #steem-bangladesh #affable

19.11.2020 03:42

Thanks for your compliment. When I had classes, I used to wake up early. But now because of this pandemic situation I am free. That's why I woke up late.

I think that was saany's regular pose for selfie.

19.11.2020 04:02

Thank you so much for your feedback. I think Sunny bro is a little shy.
steem on!

steem-bangladesh #affable

19.11.2020 04:08

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19.11.2020 06:38

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19.11.2020 07:05

ভাই তো খুব সুন্দর করে লিখেন ডায়েরির পোস্ট। ভালো লাগলো আপনার সারাদিনের এক্টিভিটি জেনে...

steem-bangladesh#oneppercent #bangladsh #affable

19.11.2020 07:27

Thanks vai. Apnara motivate korle aro valo post korbo.

19.11.2020 08:54

হ্যা, অবশ্যই।

onepercent #bangladesh #affable

19.11.2020 17:16

Nice post

19.11.2020 07:40


19.11.2020 08:54

It was great to read the whole post. Now monkeys are not commonly seen. When we were little, a man used to come to our neighborhood or village with monkeys and play with monkeys. But now the monkeys are no longer seen. Winter is actually a little more inclined towards playing cricket. Because I like to play seasonal cricket a lot. Moreover, one or another tournament is organized everywhere this season.


19.11.2020 08:24

Thanks for reading my diary post. My uncle used to pet monkeys. He also had a champagne. I used play with him.

19.11.2020 09:01

Nice diary. Beautiful writing. lunch is looking delicious. This is the first time I am seeing monkey in a residensisl area. Looking like he is enjoying the place.




19.11.2020 14:05

Thanks for your compliment. It's also first time for me seeing a monkey in our area. The monkey have poetic vibe. I think he was thinking about his lover.

19.11.2020 14:52

hahah bro.. what a line...
Today I woke up early in the morning. I woke up at 9:30 am. It's early because usually I don't wake up at that time. That's why it's early for me 🐸.

19.11.2020 15:56

Thanks for your compliment. Sometimes I tried to tell jokes to make people laugh. I love to see people laughing.

19.11.2020 16:42