THE DIARY GAME : 17/11/2020

November 17,2020



Today my mom woke me up in the morning. I got down from bed. I went towards washroom for brush my teeth. I entered washroom and took my toothbrush. I put some toothpaste on my toothbrush. I started brushing my teeth. While brushing I was thinking about my Hair. They grown very fast. They are very big. I should get a haircut but I have dandruff problem so I thought of getting bald. I finished brushing my teeth. I came to my room. I made my bed.

After that I started watching tv. There was a funny show named "Vabi ji gharpar hey" was going on. I like that show. It was very funny. I was watching that show suddenly I felt very hungry. I went to kitchen. There my mom was working. I asked for my breakfast. She gave me breakfast. I came back to my room with breakfast.


Photo Description:I was having my breakfast. Today my mom made pasta for breakfast. It was very delicious

I had my breakfast. Then I took some rest.


My mom told me to cut my hair. I went out. I searched for a vehicle. I went to a saloon. There I told them that I want to cut my hair fully. After that I paid them. Then I came back home.


My bald look 🐸

I need to take a bath. So I went to bathroom for bath. After that I went to rooftop for drying my towel. Then I came back home. I came to my room and started browsing youtube. I watched some videos.

Bachelor Point drama

It was our lunch time. My mom called us at table for lunch. I sat on table and had my lunch with my family.



I was a little bit dizzy. I felt asleep. So I slept for an hour.

At afternoon I went for playing cricket. I went to the field. There was everyone present. We divided two teams. Then we tossed a coin. We won that toss and elected to bat first.


while playing (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

We did a great score. Now It's our bowlers turn to do something. They did well. We won by a huge difference.

That's all for today. See you all tomorrow.

Thank you

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Nice post.The Bachelor Point drama is a very funny drama.I watched all the episodes.
Why did you cut your hair this winter?


17.11.2020 22:37

I mentioned it in the post that I have dandruff issues. I think this will solve my problem for a while but winter is another problem for me.

18.11.2020 08:29

Very nice post. I like pasta but the last one was eaten a long time ago. I think your lunch is very tasty. Are you watching the Bachelor Point drama every episode regularly?


18.11.2020 00:18

Thanks for your compliment. Yes I watch Bachelor Point drama everyday.

18.11.2020 08:28

You are most welcome brother.

18.11.2020 13:28

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while playing (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

while playing (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur, Bangladesh)

জয়েন করে দিও।

18.11.2020 01:37

Ami vabsi steemfood e post dibo.

18.11.2020 08:27

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18.11.2020 08:06

Wow..!! Pasta, it is very delicious.
Do you see the drama regularly?


18.11.2020 12:00

পাস্তা কি তোমার পছন্দনীয় খাবার? ইয়ং জেনারেশনের কাছে ব্যাচেলর পয়েন্ট নাটকটি খুবই জনপ্রিয়। নেহাল আর শামীম বের হয়ে যাওয়ায় এখন নাটকরি একটু বরিং লাগে। #steem-bangladesh

18.11.2020 13:01

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