THE DIARY GAME : 16/11/2020

November 16,2020



Today I woke up by my mother's call. She was telling me that I was late. I look at the clock with a blur view. It was 10:30 am! I got up from bed. I went to washroom for brush my teeth. I took the toothbrush and out some toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. While I was brushing my teeth I was thinking about why I woke up late. I thought and thought but no reason came out. I finished brushing my teeth.I came to my room. I made my bed.

I was using my phone. Suddenly I heard a noise. It was my stomach growling for food. I was hungry. I went towards kitchen. There was my mom working. I told her to give me breakfast. She was a bit busy. She told me that where was my breakfast. I took my breakfast by myself.

I finished my breakfast. Then I went to kitchen and washed my hands. I came to my room. I again started using my phone. @alaraf messaged for meet with him. So I went outside to meet him.

While walking I saw @saany was coming. So I walked with him. We sat on a bench and wait for @boss75. After a few minutes later @boss75 came. We passed a good time.


Passing time (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: Others were sitting on a bench and talking with each other. At that moment I took this photo.


I came back home.I became very sweaty. I went for bath. After taking bath I was feeling relaxed. I went to rooftop for drying clothes. After drying my clothes I came back home. I started watching Tv. There was going a good movie. I watched that. I enjoyed that movie. It is a action based move. I love action movie.

It was noon. It's our lunch time. We all had our lunch together. Mom prepared Rui fish,rice and dal. After eating lunch I was feeling full. So I took some rest.

Then I was watching some YouTube videos. I watched some educational videos also watched some good vlogs. I passed the noon by watching YouTube.

Watching serial


It was afternoon. I had online classes. I attended that. After an hour later I finished my classes. Then I went for playing cricket.


Playing cricket (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: @tarpan was batting. At that moment I took this photo.

We lost the toss. Opponent team elected to bat first. Our bowlers did well. We took all of their wickets. The required run rate was low. So that was easy for us to chase. Our batsman did well. Especially @tarpan. We won that match.


I came back home. I went to washroom and fresh myself. Then I came to my room. I started watching YouTube. I was watching a serial. Then I had some snacks. After an hour later I went out for playing badminton.


playing badminton

Photo Description: I was servicing. At that time @saany took that photo.

That's all for today. See you all tomorrow.

Thank you

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17.11.2020 07:37

Greet your mother on my behalf. Your mother has rightly said that waking up late in the morning is bad for your health so try to get up very early every day and get up in the morning and exercise.

onepercent #bangladesh #affable

17.11.2020 08:12

সিফাতের ক্যাপ কি তুমি ছিন্তাই করছো নাকি? সিফাতের নজর সব সময় এদিকসেদিকেই থাকে 😀, কাবিলার মত চুরি করার পরিকল্পনা করে নাকি।

17.11.2020 12:43

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17.11.2020 13:15

It would be great if I could play with you. One day I will go and play cricket with you.
Nice Diary brother.


17.11.2020 14:09

You are always welcome for play with me and thanks for the compliment. #steem-bangladesh

17.11.2020 14:55

Thank you for your invitation.

17.11.2020 15:18

খেলা ধুলা করা স্বাস্থের জন্য ভালো। নিয়মিত খেলা ধুলা শরীর ও মন দুই ভালো থাকে। ভালো হয়েছে পোস্টটি। #steem-bangladesh

17.11.2020 15:46

Yes sports is good for our health. It also keep our mind fresh. Keep reading. Thank you.


17.11.2020 19:52

Nice to see you play badminton.

17.11.2020 20:00

Thanks for your compliment. You did very well while playing with us. I noticed that sometimes you get distracted. You should focus in game.


17.11.2020 20:38

Yes,I should focus in game.Thank you for your suggestion.

18.11.2020 08:46

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