THE DIARY GAME : 14/12/2020 [100% Power up Post]

December 14,2020




Today I woke up at 9 am. It's not early also not late. When I woke up I took my phone. I started checking my steemit notification and replied all the comments. Then I got up from bed. I went to washroom and took my toothbrush. I added toothpaste on my toothbrush. I started brushing my teeth. After finishing brushing my teeth I washed my face.

I came to my room. My bedroom was messed up. I made my bedroom. Then I sat on my computer and started playing game. I was playing Horizon Zero Down. It's a nice game. It's a ps4 exclusive game. Recently this game was launched on computer platform. It's a very popular game.

Few minutes later my mom came with my breakfast. I got up from my computer table and went for wash my hand. I had my breakfast. Today's breakfast was very tasty. Suddenly the electricity gone. So I went out for a walk. There I met with @saany. He told me that he had some work outside. So we need to go out. @boss75 also joined with us.



Photo Description: We were walking beside the road.

We started walking towards terminal. @saany said he have to cash out. We were walking and talking with each other. We were having fun with each other. We walked for long time. After fifteen minutes later we reached out to our destination.



Photo Description: We were standing beside the road. At that time I took this photo.

We went to a bkash agent. @saany took the number for cash out. He send money to bkash agent's number. After that bkash agent gave him cash. We came back from bkash agent's shop. @saany told that he will treat us drink. So we went to he shop. He bought drink for us.



Photo Description: @saany's treat. He bought Kokakola

After buying drink we came out from shop. We looked at the time. We were too late. We searched for a vehicle to go back. We got a van. We got up in the van. We came back.


I came back home. I thought of taking a bath. I told my mom to make hot water. I was waiting for hot water. My mom gave me hot water. I went to washroom. I had a hot bath. I felt very fresh.

I came out from washroom. I went to the rooftop for drying out my clothes. There wasn't any sun rays. So I didn't took time and came back. It was lunch time. My mom called on table. My mom served egg curry, vegetables and rice for lunch. The egg curry tested delicious. I had my lunch.

When I done with my lunch I washed my plate. Then I came to my room. I thought of watching Gopal Bhar cartoon series. I was at episode six hundred eighty four. So I started with next episode and ended up watching two episode. I felt sleepy so I slept for an hour. I had a sound sleep.



Photo Description: I was sitting there and watching batting. At that time I took this photo.

At afternoon we went outside of our area together for playing cricket. We won the toss and elected to bat first. Our team did very well. Today we played two matches and won two of them. We enjoyed the matches. After playing cricket we came back.


I came back home at evening. I washed my hand, face, mouth and feet. Then I came to my room. I was watching YouTube cartoons. I watched Gopal Bhar. My dad came from market. He bought snacks with him. My dad bought alur chop for snacks. Those were very delicious.

I had snacks. Then I took some rest. After half an hour later @sohanurrahman called me. He told me that he came with his friend for playing badminton. So I went out for playing badminton.


Photo Description: I was playing badminton. @sohanurrahman took this photo for me.

I played a lot of matches. We had a lot of fun. After playing badminton @sohanurrahman left for home. We switched off the lights. Put the stuffs where they were before. After that I came back home.

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