THE DIARY GAME : 14/11/2020

My day started with good vibes. I woke up 9 am. Then I went for brush my teeth.


While brushing my teeth I was thinking about corona situation and my life. I had been here for six month. I wanted to visit my dad for seven days and It's so long. I don't know when this will end. All things messed up. We couldn't do our own. My studies hampered. I finished brush my teeth. Then I cleaned my bedroom.

I wasn't hungry so I started using my mobile. I opened Facebook. I was checking notifications and messages. I replied some of my important messages. I also watched some YouTube videos. I watched cartoons in YouTube.

After sometime later I felt hungry so I asked mom for breakfast. Today she made rutu and fried egg for breakfast. I had my breakfast. The breakfast was very good.


After that I went outside for a walk. There I met with others. We had fun.


When I came back to home I took a bath. I combed my hair and went to the rooftop for drying my towel and clothes. I came back.

It was our lunch time. Mom called us in table for lunch. She served us mutton curry and rice. When I done with my lunch I layed down bed and took some rest. Then I thought of watching Netflix series Dark. I was at season three episode four. So I started with episode four and ended up at episode five. I felt sleepy so I slept for an hour. I had a sound sleep.

At afternoon I went for playing. I played cricket. We played two matches. Lost first match won 2nd match.


That’s all for today.See you tomorrow.

Thank you

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