THE DIARY GAME : 13/12/2020 [100% Powerup Post]

December 13,2020




Today I woke up 9 am in the morning. My mom woke me up. I took my phone. The phone's battery was low. I plugged the charger but there was no electricity. No electricity means no wifi. I felt very annoying.

I got up from bed. I walked towards washroom. I took toothbrush and added toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. After finishing brushing my teeth I washed my face with face wash. After that I came out from washroom.

I came to bedroom. My room was messed up. I made my bedroom. Then I sat on my computer and started playing game. I was playing Horizon Zero Down. It's a nice game. It's a ps4 exclusive game. Recently this game was launched on computer platform. It's a very popular game.



Photo Description: I was playing games on my computer. Suddenly my mom came with my breakfast. I shut down my computer and went for wash my hand. After that I started having my breakfast. My mom made Khichuri and fried egg for today's breakfast. It's my favorite.

I finished my breakfast. I went to the kitchen and washed my plate. Then I came to my room. I took some rest. I started using steemit. I checked all of the notifications. I replied comments on my post. I was feeling bored so I messaged everyone to came out.



Photo Description: I went out. There's none came out. So started walking. There's no sun rays out. Today's weather is very cold. There's a little bit fogg outside. I'm glad that I brought jacket with me.



Photo Description: I was passing through the place where the wedding held yesterday. The wedding organizers came here. They were talking back their stuffs. Some people were removing pandels. At that time I took this photo.

I walked for long. Then I walked towards a bench where we used to sit and chat. I sat on bench and started using my phone. Few minutes later @saany came. We were talking with each other. We talked about @boss75. He was very late. @saany messaged him again. Then he came.



Photo Description: @saany told us that he will give us treat. So we decided to go to a hotel. We were leaving at that time I took this photo.

We walked towards the main gate. We went out through main game. We were waiting for a vehicle to ride. We were talking with each other. Few minutes later an empty van came. We got up in van.



Photo Description: We reached to the bus terminal after 10 minutes later. We got down from van. @saany paid the fair to the van driver. At that time I took this photo.

@saany told us that he needs to cash out from his bkash account. So were standing beside a road and waiting for @saany. Few minutes later he came back.



Photo Description: We were searching for a hotel. We found one. We entered that hotel. We searched for an empty table. It wasn't hard for us. We found one. We took place. @saany ordered foods. At that time I took this photo.


We had our food. @saany paid the bill. We came out from the hotel. It was noon. We were late. We took a van and came back. I came home. I thought of taking a bath. I told my mom to make hot water. I was waiting for hot water. My mom gave me hot water. I went to washroom. I had a hot bath. I felt very fresh.

I came out from washroom. I went to the rooftop for drying out my clothes. There wasn't any sun rays. So I didn't took time and came back. It was lunch time. My mom called on table. I had my lunch.

After lunch I felt very sleepy. I went to sleep. I woke up at Afternoon. Today I have to attend online class for admission. So I joined zoom online class. I passed afternoon.


It was evening already. I was using my phone. I was watching an old Hindi movie on youtube. That's my favorite movie name "May Hoon Na". It's SRK's film. He is my favorite actor. I was watching that movie. Suddenly @alaraf messaged me for came out.



Photo Description: I came out. I saw everyone there. They were talking with each other. @boss75 told that he will give us a treat. That's why everyone was out.

We walked towards the main gate. We went out through the main gate. We were waiting for a vehicle. We waited for long time but there wasn't any vehicle. After long time we finally got a vehicle. We got up on it. We reached to the market after 15 minutes later.



Photo Description: @boss75 told that we need to buy a stamp. Our one stamp was broken. So we needed a new one. So we went to a store. We were buying a stamp at that time I took this photo.



Photo Description: After buying stamp we searched for a hotel where @boss75 can give us treat. We got one. It was very crowded. We had to find a place. Then @boss75 ordered for us. We had our food. That food was very delicious.

After having food we came out. @boss75 paid the bill. Then we looked at the time. We were very late. We found a vehicle. We got up on it. After 15 minutes later we came back. @boss75 paid the fair. I came back home.

-------------->That's all for today<---------------

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