THE DIARY GAME : 12/12/2020 [100% Power up post]

December 12, 2020




Today I woke up at 9 am. It's not early also not late. When I woke up I took my phone. I started checking my steemit notification and replied all the comments. Then I got up from bed. I went to washroom and took my toothbrush. I added toothpaste on my toothbrush. I started brushing my teeth. After finishing brushing my teeth I washed my face.

I came to my room. My bedroom was messed up. I made my bedroom. Then I started using my computer. There's a new game released. So I decided to download that game. I opened chrome browser and visit torrent website. I wanted to download Cyberpunk 2077. So I downloaded the torrent file the started downloading the torrent app.

I was downloading the game, suddenly my mom appeared with my breakfast. Today she made ruti and vegetables. I had my breakfast. It was a healthy breakfast. After having my breakfast I took some rest. I got a message. @alaraf was calling us for a walk outside.



Photo Description: I went for a walk outside. There I saw @saany and @boss75 was sitting on a bench. I walked towards them. I joined with them. We were talking with each other at that time I took this photo.

We were talking for a long time. We had fun with together. We were talking about steemit and many more. After finishing talking with each other we came back home.


I came back to home. It was noon already. I thought of taking a bath. I told my mom to make hot water for me. I came to my room and looked at to my computer screen to see the download percentage. The download percentage was on 34%. My mom called for get the hot water. I got the hot water and went to bathroom. I took a bath.



Photo Description: After bath I went to Mosque for saying my prayers. I finished saying my prayers then I came back home.

Today we got an invitation for wedding lunch. So I came back to home fast. When I came to home I saw my mom and sister getting prepared for the wedding. So I also went for prepare. There nothing much for prepare. I just changed my clothes.



Photo Description: I went out. I called @saany to came out. At that time I saw chief was cooking. I went there and watched what were they cooking. At that time I took this photo.

I was sitting outside on a bench and waiting for @saany to come. I saw @boss75 was coming. We waited for @saany together. Few minutes later he came out. We went to the wedding party together.



Photo Description: We went to a room where the foods were serving. We find a empty table. We found one. We sat together. After that a man came and gave use plates and glasses. Few minutes later the man came again and served us food.

We were having lunch. They made a lot of dishes. All of the dishes were so good. We were full. We couldn't even move 🐸. After having lunch we came outside. We walked for sometime then came back home. I came to my home. I came to my room and took some sleep.



Photo Description: It was Afternoon. I went out. There I saw otherd were present at playing ground. They were waiting for others player to come. After that we made two teams and started playing cricket.

Today we played two matches. Our team did very well. We won all of the matches. It was getting dark so I headed back to home.

-------------->That's all for today<---------------

The post is set to 100% power up.

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