THE DIARY GAME : 12/10/2020

October 12, 2020#### Monday

Hello Everyone

How are you all? I'm fine. I'm going write about today's experience.

An odd day


Today my mom woke me up in the morning. When I woke up I saw everything dark. I got down from bed. I went towards washroom for brush my teeth. I entered washroom and took my toothbrush. I put some toothpaste on my toothbrush. I started brushing my teeth. While brushing my teeth I was thinking about rolling the pitch. Today we will go to the mayor's office for roller. I finished brushing my teeth. I came to my room. I made my bed.

I fed the fishes. After feeding my fish I came to my room. Suddenly I felt very hungry. I went to kitchen. There my mom was working. I asked for my breakfast. She gave me breakfast. I came back to my room with breakfast.

After finishing my breakfast I went to kitchen for wash my hands. Then I came to my room. I was browsing Facebook. Suddenly I heard a call. I noticed it was @boss75 was calling me. So I went out. I saw @boss75s75 @saany and @alaraf wastting near on a bench. I walked towards them. I sat on the bench with them. We were talking. After few minutes later @alaraf and others joined with us. We were talking about what we will do today. Then we started walking for mayor's office.


Going to Mayor's office (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We were going to Mayor's office. We were going through the main gait.

We came near main gate. We were searching for a vehicle. We found one. We sat on it and started our journey.



We reached there after 15 minutes later. We went to Mayor's room. But we heard that mayor wasn't present there. So we had to wait.


Waiting for Mayor (Location-MW46+CJ Parbatipur, Bangladesh)

Photo Description: We came outside. We couldn't find anything to seat. So we sat on a wall. We were waiting for Mayor.

We were sitting and talking with each other. We were having fun. But the weather was hot. So fun didn't stay long. We were waiting for long time. After two ours later the mayor came. When we heard that we got relief.


Mayor's Office room

Photo Description: We went to Mayor's office room. We were talking about the roller we want.

We talked with mayor. He said we need to apply for the roller. Then he will give permit. So we wrote a application.


Application for roller's permit

Photo Description: We wrote an application. We had to submit it. After that we could get the roller.

We submitted the application. Now our all work done. Tomorrow we will get the roller. So came went out from office. We hired a vehicle.



Photo Description: We were going back.


I came back home. I was a bit tired. So I thought of taking a bath. I went to bathroom and took a bath. After bath I asked mom for lunch. I had my lunch. I finished my lunch. I felt very sleepy. So I had a sound sleep. When I woke up it was afternoon. I went out for play.


Playing Football

Photo Description: We were playing football. At that time @sohanurrahman took this photo.

It was getting dark. So I went home.

That's all for today. See you all tomorrow.

Thank you.

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