THE DIARY GAME : 10/10/2020

October 10,2020


Hello Everyone

How are you? Hope fine. I'm also fine. Let's get start my diary post.


Today I woke up a little bit late. Today I also had work in playground. I don't like to be late. So I didn't waste any time on bed. I got down from bed. I walked in washroom. I took my toothbrush and added toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. I finished brushing my teeth.

I came to my room. I made my bed. I didn't have my breakfast. Because I wasn't hungry. I went out. I reached there. I waited for others. Everyone came after few minutes later. We started discussing before working.


Working (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We were working in the pitch. We were leveling the pitch.

We worked very hard. Everyone was doing their best. After few minutes later I felt hungry. I told them that I have to go for breakfast. Then I left.

I came back home. I went to washroom and wash my hands and feet. I freshen up my self. Then I went to kitchen. There was my mom working. I asked mom for breakfast. She gave me breakfast.



Photo Description: I was having my breakfast. My mom made ruti and omlet for breakfast.

I finished my breakfast. Then I washed the plate. I came to my room. I took some rest for few minutes. Then I again went for work. I went to field. We were discussing to bring a roller. It will be best for our pitch. So we were adding water in pitch for easy to roll.


After work I came back home. I was very tired. My clothes were wet because of sweat. I took a bath. I washed my clothes. Then I went to rooftop for drying my clothes.


Roof top (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: I went to rooftop for drying my clothes. It was very sunny.

After drying my clothes I came back to home. I noticed that the water of aquarium became very dirty.


My Fish

Photo Description: I changed the water of aquarium. Now it's looking clean. So I took a photo of it.

It was our lunch time. My mom had some work. So I took my lunch by myself.



Photo Description: I was having my lunch. Today mom made various items for lunch.

I finished my lunch. Then I washed my plate. I came to my room. I felt sleepy. So I went to sleep. I woke up at afternoon. I went out for play.


Playing (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We were playing football. I was scoring a penalty.

We were playing football. @saany and @sohanurrahman was in my team and @alaraf and @boss75 was in our team. We lost by 2-0. Though we had fun. It was getting dark. So I went home.

That's all for today. See you all tomorrow.
Thank you.


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We lost because of our poor goalkeeper.

10.10.2020 15:05

সুন্দর ডায়েরি লিখেছ। এটা আমাদের জন্য আরেকটি ব্যস্ততম দিন ছিল। এখন পিচটা রোলার দিয়ে লেভেল করতে পারলেই আমরা ক্রিকেট খেলার জন্য আদর্শ একটি পিচ পাবো। রুটি আর ডিম সকালের নাস্তা হিসেবে আদর্শ খাবার। তোমার একুরিয়ামের মাছটা খুব সুন্দর। তবে এর একজন বন্ধু দরকার। তুমি একে কি কি খাবার খেতে দাও? বিকেলের ফুটবল ম্যাচটা উপভোগ্য ছিল। কিন্তু আমরা জিততে পারিনি। আশা করি পরের দিন আমরা ম্যাচ জিতব।




10.10.2020 15:30

Thanks for your compliment. I gave my fish only fish food. I bought the fish food in a store.

10.10.2020 15:49

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