THE DIARY GAME : 07/12/2020-[100% Powerup Post]

December 7,2020


Hello Everyone

Today I'm going to write about today's diary post. So don't waste any time and let's get started.



Today I woke up late πŸ™ƒ. Yes you heard right. I was back in my habit again. In winter season it's hard to wake up early because it was very cold 😬 in early so I couldn't hold my self without waking up late. I got up from bed. Then I took my jacket and wore it.

I started walking towards my washroom. I entered washroom and started brushing my teeth. I was staring at mirror buy I couldn't see my self πŸ˜‘. It happened because of fog. I finished brushing my teeth. I washed my face. Tgen I came back to my room.

I took my phone and started using steemit. I was checking notification. I replied some comments on my post. My mom came with my breakfast. She told me to eat less because I'm getting fat day by day πŸ˜…. That's why she gave me less food for breakfast. Seriously? πŸ˜•. I started having my breakfast. Today my mom made ruti and vegetables. I had my breakfast. Then I went to kitchen and washed my plate.

I came back to my room. I again started using my phone. Suddenly my mom came to my room. She came to my room. She told me that I have to do some work. I asked her. She replied that I have to get a school admission form for my sister. I told her not to worry. 😊 I messaged @saany and @boss75 and asked if they could come with me. @boss75 replied that he had some work. So @saany will join with me.



Photo Description: I went out few minutes later. I was walking on road. I was waiting for @saany. After few minutes later he came.

We started walking towards the gate. @saany asked me why I wanted to go out. I told him that I have to get a school admission form for my sister. He asked for the name of the school. I told him the name of school. I also told him that I will go to a cafe for printing out admission form. We went out through the main gate.



Photo Description: We were standing outside the road. We were waiting for a van. We saw that a some people was filling paddy straws on van. They will transport it to market and sell it.

It's been so late 😀. I think all the vans were busy for carrying straws. It's time for cutting peddy. After 15 minutes later we found a van πŸ₯±. We told the van whete we want to go. We got up in the van.



Photo Description: We were going to the market by van. It was very foggy and cold. I felt very cold because I was sitting front of the van. All the cold wind was passing through me πŸ™.

After 5 minutes later we crossed terminal. Today I saw @sohanurrahman's birthday on Facebook. I told @saany that we should get treat from him. We were thinking how we can get treat from him 🐸.



Photo Description: We almost reached there. We were passing by @sohanurrahman's house. We suddenly saw him outside walking. We stopped the van and told him to join with me. He came with us 😁.




Photo Description: We finally reached out to new market. We get down from an. I paid the fair to van driver. Then we started walking towards cafe.

We were going to search for a cafe. We found one. We entered that cafe. There was a man busy on his computer. I asked him about the admission form of the school. He told me that the school didn't start distributing form yet. I became a little disappointed πŸ˜” but then I realized that today is @sohanurrahman's Birthday. My time didn't waste 😁. We told @sohanurrahman for treat. He denied. We tried to manage his treat but our all effort went to vain. He is very stubborn. Instead of giving us treat he took treat from us πŸ˜’.



Photo Description: I toldon:

I told @that I give them treat for his Birthday. So we decided to go to a hotel. We found a hotel. It was very crowded. We then found sits for seat. I order rosomonjuri (A type of sweet). @saohanurrahman was having sweat.

We had treat given by myself πŸ™ƒ. We got up and went for wash our hand. I paid the bills. Then we went out from the restaurant. @sohanurrahman wants to have a drink from @saany. This treat wasn't enough for him. He wants more πŸ˜’. @saany agreed.



Photo Description: @saany said he didn't have money at that moment. He have to cash out from his bkash account. So we went to a Bkash agent for cash out. @saany got the cash.

We then started walking. This time we decided to try another restaurant. We went to the best restaurant in town. It was in 3 th floor but there's no lift. That's very disappointing πŸ™„. We went to the 3rd floor by foot but it's good for my health.



Photo Description: We entered to the restaurant. There was enough sit for us. We sat on a table. It's @saany's turn to order. He called a waiter for menu. He ordered lassi (A drink that made by milk and yogurt).

After 10 minutes later a water came with our order. He served drinks on the table. We started having our drink. It tastes good. Then @saany called the waiter and paid the bill. He also gave tips to the waiter. The waiter smiled. Then we went out from restaurant.


We were getting late for home. So we decided to go back home. We searched for a van. This time we found van quickly because we were in the market ☺️. We got up in van. We dropped @sohanurrahman to his home then we came back home.


I came to my home. I was a bit sweaty though it's winter 🐸. I thought of taking a bath. So I told mom for giving me hot water for bath. Then I started playing games on my phone. After an hou later my mom gave e water for bath. I went to bathroom. I tasted the temperature of the water. It was over heated, so I added some cold water and balance the temperature. Now it's a good heated water πŸ’¦ to bath. I had a nice bath.

After bath I came out from bathroom. It felt very nice to bath with hot water. I went to rooftop for drying my clothes and towel. I stayed there for sometime. I was taking sun rays. Then I came back home.

Photo Description:I came to my room and started watching some YouTube videos. Specially watching a drama series named Bachelor point. It's a very funny drama.

I was very late for lunch. I asked mom for lunch. She gave me lunch. Today I have chicken curry and rice for lunch. It was very delicious. After having my lunch I went to kitchen and washed my plates. Then I came to my room. I felt very sleepy. So I went for sleep.


Photo Description:I slept for an hour. I woke up at afternoon. I went out for playing cricket. I was in @tarpan's team. Today we played two matches. We did very well though we lot. But it was very fun to play.


It was becoming dark. So after playing cricket I came back to home. I went to washroom and washed my hands, feet and face. I became fresh. Then I came to my room. I layed on my bed. I started using steemit. I was checking notifications. I was hoping some votes from the curators but I think they missed my previous diary post.


Photo Description: I was very hungry. My stomach was making noises. Suddenly my mom came with snacks. Today she made Bora for snacks. The snack was very tasty.

I had my snacks. Then I started playing games. Few minutes later @sohanurrahman messaged me for playing Badminton. I told him to come in at 6:30pm.


Photo Description: At 6:30 pm @sohanurrahman came with his friend. I went out for playing badminton. We played a lot of matches. I only lost 1 match. We had a lot of fun.

After playing badminton @sohanurrahman left with his friend. Me and @saany took all the stuffs inside then we switched off the lights. Then I said bye to him and came back to home.

-------all for today<---------------

The post is set to 100% power up.


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Nice diary. Instead of giving you treat, I took treat from you and @saany πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. It was a great day for me. Thank you very much.




08.12.2020 17:36

You are welcome ☺️

08.12.2020 17:38

Hi @nahidhasan23 your post has been upvoted by @steem-bangladesh courtesy of @nahidhasan23


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