THE DIARY GAME : 06/10/2020

October 6,2020


Hello Everyone

How are you? I'm fine. Let's get start my daily diary post.


Today I woke up a bit late in the morning. I was late because of I slept late yesterday. I looked outside from the window. The weather is very cloudy. Everything was dark. Now everyday I wait for @steemcurator01 to visit my post. I hope one day he will visit.


Window view (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: I was watching through the window at that time I took this photo.

I got down from the bed. I noticed that there was a little pain in my right hand. I didn't know why this was happening. It's a bad morning for me. I walked towards the washroom. I opened the door of washroom. I took the toothbrush and added toothpaste on it. I started brushing my teeth. While brushing my teeth I was thinking about my Hsc exam. Today the board will announce the day of my Hsc exam. I finished brushing my teeth.

I came to my bedroom. I made my bed. I was feeling bored. So I thought of watching something. I took my phone and searched something on YouTube. I found a series. It looks like good. So I started watching it.

YouTube serial

Photo Description: I was watching this serial. It's name is "Bachelor Point". It's a nice drama.

I watched two episodes of that drama. I loved it. I was feeling hungry. So I went to kitchen. There my mom was working. I asked mom for breakfast. She gave me breakfast. I took my breakfast and came into my room.



Photo Description: I was having my breakfast. I had various vegetables and ruti. While having my breakfast I took this photo.

I finished my breakfast. I went to kitchen for wash my hands. Then I cleaned my plate and bowl. After that I came to my room. I was taking rest and browsing Facebook. @boss75 and @saany called me for a walk.

I went outside for walk. I was walking. I saw @boss75 and @saany was talking beside a shop. I joined with them.


While talking (MWG6+HV Gopinathpur)

Photo Description: We were talking and passing some quality times. At that time I took this photo.

We were talking about steemit. Suddenly the rain started.



It was raining a little. So we didn't wait for heavy rain. We went home.


I came back home. I went to bathroom. I took a bath. It was our lunch time. My mom called everyone at table. We had our lunch together.



Photo Description: I was having my lunch. Mom made prone curry, dul and rice for lunch.

I finished my lunch. I went to kitchen. I washed my plate. Then I came to my bedroom. I started watching tv. There was nothing interesting. So I was watching my sister's flowers. I watered them.



Photo Description: I was looking at the flowers. The flowers were so beautiful. I couldn't hold my self to taking the photo of flowers.

I came back to my room. I felt very sleepy so I slept for an hour. When I woke up it was afternoon. I went outside for playing cricket.

Me and @boss75 was in same team and @saany was in our arrival team. We played three matches. Won one and lost two of them.

Thats all for today. See you all tomorrow.
Thank you.


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Great post osssam brother.

07.10.2020 07:04

সিফাতকে জনি সিন্সস এর মত লাগতেছে 😄

07.10.2020 07:25

You should increase your bowling speed

07.10.2020 08:38