Spotlight on Huobi Challenge- (How to Sign up and Login)


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Today when I logged in to my steemit, I was searching something new to post and suddenly I saw steemitblog's post.

@steemitblog declared another challenge subsequent to finishing the past ones dependent on trx reconciliation. This challenge is About Huobi trade and I accept the majority of us truly realize Huobi trade well the extent that you are not new to the crypto space.

Huobi praising their seventh commemoration is running a $170 reward join reward as of now which will end in the following 15 days. Yet, then again, 15 days is as yet a pretty part of days ahead for you not to get yours. Straightforward assignment you need to do which I accept isn't hard as a few of us prettyh do substantially more than that in other tedious however low compensating site.

All things considered, back to the fundamental theme for the afternoon. A challenge is running now by and by which I emphatically trust you would not have any desire to pass up a great opportunity. So I don't want to waste any time. Let's get started...

Huobi Sign up and Login Tutorial

I'm going to post on how to sign up and login to your account. This is a easy process. So you can easily sign up.

Before starting the tutorial I want to say that when I tried to sign up I couldn't find my country. I became disappointed 😔 for that. But this is steemitblog's challenge. I couldn't hold myself without post on this challenge. So I used an United States email for opening my account.

Step-1 Sign up:

At first you have to visit Huobi's website to sign up. I'm giving you a link for you help. Click Here. After clicking on this link you will get a page like the photo down below. There you will get Sign up option. You can chose either phone number or email. You have to choose your country. Then you have to fill all the information. There a verification code will be sent to your phone number or email.


After verify your account will be set. Very easy right. After that you will get a page like the photo below. This means all ok. You can now ready to login.


Step-2 Login:

After finishing sign up you have to login to your account. So at first you have to enter Huobi's page again. Then you will get a page like the photo down below. You have to press the login button which is in top right corner.


After clicking login you will get a page like the photo down below. There you will get two empty boxes. You have to give your email and password that you used for sign up. After filling up you have to click on login button.


After clicking on login button you will get another page like the photo down below. They will send a verification code to your email. You have to enter verification code and verify. After filling up code you have to press login button again.


After verify you will login to your account. There's a offer for newcomers in Huobi's website. You can get it by pressing grab it button. You can see in the photo down below.


That's all. You have easily sign up to your Huobi account and then successfully login to your account and you are ready to get started on the exchange platform either you trading, depositing or withdrawing. Wishing you good luck.

In my next post I will be talking about how you can grab the Up to 170$ welcome bonus.

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