Pele's club Santos objected to Messi breaking Pel's record.


Santos claims that goals scored in friendly and exhibition matches should not be left out of Leo Messi's record of scoring more goals at one club than Pele.

According to their records, they have scored a total of 1091 goals for their club but some analysts argue that many of the 448 goals scored in friendly matches were against weaker opponents. Such as smaller teams or regional teams.

In a lengthy statement published on the club's official website, the Brazilian club said: "The 448 goals that they are trying to score today, many of these goals were scored against top clubs."

"Where Pearl has scored nine goals against each of Club America (Mexico) and Colo Colo (Chile). He scored six goals against Inter Milan, who were one of the best European clubs at the time."

"The list includes many other big clubs: Real Madrid, Juventus, Lazio, Napoli, Benfica, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Racing, Universidad de Chile and Anderlecht.
Pele also has four goals in four games against Barcelona, ​​where Messi currently plays."

One thing that has been established since then is that these matches were organized in official uniforms under the official rules of football and were officially logged.

"We must remember that clubs can only play friendly matches with the approval of regional and national federations. This is a rule imposed by FIFA, the world football's governing body."

“Considering thematic features such as the strength of the opponent is not ideal for compiling statistical data in setting records. In La Liga, for example, a goal against Espanyol in a second-tier league is statistically similar to a goal against Real Madrid. A goal against Transvaal (Suriname) is equal to a goal against Real Madrid in the middle of the Santiago Bernabeu. Round."

The goals have been counted on the FIFA official website and by d by Pele, and thnness World Records Authority and their records have been determined on the basis of that report by analyzing this information.

So the club did not find it satisfactory to set a record milestone by omitting the goal of the official match considering the opponents of the European media.

Anyway, Pele has already congratulated Messi, avoiding these controversies.

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