Neimar Jr. New Achievement

Hello steemians

It's my 1st post in this community. Hope I will do well in future.

Today I'm going to tell you about Neimar's new achievement.

neymar-2652631_1920.jpg Neimar Jr.

££ Brazilian superstar Neimar Jr. broke Messi's two records in one day. Neymar Jr. is now the best assistant of all time, surpassing Messi's 42 assists in international football with 44 assists. Also In a match in international football, Messi's top 15 dribbling surpassed 16 successful dribbling tops #Neimar: ___Congratulations to Neymar Jr. 7

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Neymar just keeps surprising us. I just hopes he becomes extra serious and wins a Balon Dor in the future.

10.10.2020 17:53

I also want same.

10.10.2020 21:33

Great player,Future of football.
Hope he can fulfil his dream by getting 1st Balon dor.

11.10.2020 03:34