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Before writing about Poloniex I want to say something about my knowledge of currencies. I have a little knowledge on currencies. I noticed a contest posted by steemit blog of Poloniex. I found this contest interesting but I'm too late. Today is it's last date. I wanted to move from diary posts and do something new. So I think this is a nice topic to post. But it's a little bit hard for me. So I went on internet and did some research about Poloniex. So I'm going to write about it.



Basics of Poloniex:

Poloniex is a digital asset trading service. Poloniex allows users to buy, trade and sell lots of different cryptocurrencies. Poloniex was found in 2014. The company's offices are located in Delaware in the U.S. They made their name by their good services. The customer wants security and they are best in that case. They gained everyone's trust. Poloniex is a type of exchange through which users can transact in different digital currencies around the world. So everyone getting a lot of benefits from them from beginning. Other currencies also giving the same service. But the difference between Poloniex is it's structure. It's better than others. That's why it's the most popular cryptocurrency market platform in the market.


They are giving 25% discount on trading fees

How did I first come to know about Poloniex:

Few months ago I watched an advertisement on Poloniex. Then I studied about it on internet. Poloniex is a great platform.

What experience I had of using Poloniex:

Poloniex is a friendly platform for beginners. It seems to me an excellent platform for the safe exchange of cryptocurrencies also very easy to use. I saw an application for Poloniex and it works perfectly. I like its management of the security and the large amount of cryptocurrencies that can be handled. It has low commissions too.

What features and functions I you like (or dislike) about Poloniex:

The best thing about the exchange is its simple interface that shows the most important thing that a user needs to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. poloniex offers the best currencies that currently exist.

Features I would like to see added to Poloniex:

I would like to add chat system while buying or selling.

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15.11.2020 19:01

The company's offices are located in Delaware in the U.S.

No my friend, in 2019 they have already moved to Seychelles and that is how they are being able to allow users with simple registration with an email only to get started. A company located in US can not bypass the KYC.

It has low commissions too.

Yes it charges 0.125% trading fee only. The crypto withdrawal fee in TRX is only 0.01(negligible, not even a cent). WIth a TRX balance, you can further get a discount of 25% on the trading fees.

Thank you.

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