About Brazil's no-9 player

To look at Brazil's current form, what could be the potential attack line in Brazil's No. 9 and Copa America?

  • 69 minutes down to 21 minutes
  • 61 on-target shots
  • 61 shot blocks
  • 61 goals
  • 890% passing accuracy.

    • This was the status of Jesus' small role for Man City last night.

    Jesus was clinical enough to recover from the injury. However, Pep Guardiola gave him the role of attacking with an inside run in half space, not in the role of a striker. As a result its conversion rate is good enough under Pep. Moreover, even though he lost his position in the final third, his pressing is quite physical and his ball recovery rate is also good.

    He contributes one goal every 90 minutes in the Champions League, although he never gets a chance without Aguero off form or injury.

    Pure number 9 means you can't get good output just by targeting him. Because even though he can generate the power to take quick shots, he has some trouble finding space in the final third and the tap-in is still average. So despite the quality, the Brazilian team is not able to become the fox in the box.

    Allready Tite has proved the effectiveness of this by giving him the opportunity to play in the Copa America with some space in the right wing position. Because after the qualifiers of 2016, that was his best service in the Brazilian team in international football.

    So if Tite observes Pep's experiment, Jesus will play a more tactical profile role with a double-footed forward like Richardson where they can swap positions. However, I think that Jesus will get the best service with Brazil, the number 9 on the forward line and the right winger will be the solution to the two permanent problems for the time being.

    Because Firmino will lose to Diego Jota in Liverpool this season and it is not possible to play Everton as a right winger, it has been understood in the last few matches where Tite has played him on the right wing for Neymar, in which he has not been able to perform as full game time. Instead Rodriguez played better down.

    Since Neymar is often at risk of injury, Everton / Neymar - Richa - Jesus should play in this forward line. Where Neymar and Everton share play time on the left and Rodriguez will play as a backup on the right. And it's time to consider Arsenal's Martinelli as Jesus' backup. He should be given a chance after Firmino.

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This premier league season has seen a twist in the gameplay of many teams. As much as Gabriel Jesus is good, the young star Ferran Torres fits his and Aguero's role quite perfectly.

Diogo Jota is also occupying that of the forward quite well. I think these two players were tge signings of the summer. It's incredibly difficult to defend against them.

08.11.2020 12:31

I think Jota's signing is the best and most underrated one of this transfer window. When Liverpool announced their arrival, everyone criticized their decision. Many of them said they would go for Werner. But now Jota proved them wrong and jota occupied position in the first eleven.

09.11.2020 04:57

He fits in with the playing style of Liverpool very well. It is as if Klopp knows exactly how they will play at his club.

It's truly astonishing.

09.11.2020 10:46

Liverpool went for 4 forwards last night.
Whats your opinion???

09.11.2020 10:52

It was a good strategy since Klopp knew city had a defensive problem.

But Firminho was sloppy on the forward play as well as Mane. Joao Cancelo blocked Salah out of the game as well.

I don't think the formation for Liverpool was the problem. City is a great opponent and they should have utilized their counter attacks.

09.11.2020 11:09

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