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Hello Everyone

This is my first participation post in A Better Life with Steem. I am going to write about Planet Positives today.


Recycling bulbs into plant pots

Recycling old bulbs into plant pots

Today I'm going to share with you how I made plant pots with bulbs. I had some old bulbs in our house. Those are faulty bulbs. Those are not useful to us. So my mother was going to throw them out. Suddenly I had an idea. I stopped my mother and took them from her. Then I thought of making a plant pots with these old bulbs to plant trees.


Items for making pots

Necessary Items

  • Old faulty bulbs
  • A wire
  • Plants


Wiring bulbs

1st Step:

First I made two holes in two sides of the bulb. Then I put a wire into those wholes.


Tying wire

2nd Step:

Then I tied wires and made a circle for hang that bulb.


Putting watee

3rd Step:

I added water into that bulb for the plants.


Putting plants

4th and Last Step:

After adding water I puted plants into that bulb.


Plant Pots

Final look of plant pots

Finally I succed to recycle a old bulb into plant pot. Hope you all like it.

Thanks for reading my post.

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