bake it - A delicious baking game

bake it

A delicious baking game


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Hunter's comment

you can be a master baker by playing this most amazing game in your mobile. You can download it free from play store also. so be a master baker by just playing it.


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I have played this game but it is useless. I don't want to play it again. I don't know why people like this game.

23.12.2020 10:28

It is not the most amazing game bro. I have played this game and it is a kinda boring game. You will be bored in just 5 minutes.

23.12.2020 10:45

Great hunt dear friend
This is really an amazing and interesting game, I will give it a try.
Thanks for sharing with us.

23.12.2020 13:01

Brilliant - it's like being in the Great British Bake Off virtually where you can have all the fun of baking without the mess. Without the food either, sadly. But cool game!

23.12.2020 13:54

Not sure how fun it is but will try to see the experience with this game

23.12.2020 14:30


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