Sweet Calm - helps you relax, forget about problems

Sweet Calm

helps you relax, forget about problems



Hunter's comment

this is the best psychology based application that help you to stay away from life problems. there is music that optimize your heart and mind.




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There is no app that can cure my life problems. Only money can cure my life problems. And I don't have money.

27.12.2020 02:38

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good and will help people to be relaxed with this. Great Hunt!

27.12.2020 06:27

Feel stress while walking for long time. in our professional life we are very much busy and don't have time to think about relaxation. this kind of a distress work is not good for our health so we need to have some relaxed moment and have minimum time for sharing this helpful hunting

27.12.2020 10:18

Bitcoin price is increased a lot. Now the price reached to 27,000 usd. I thought when btc price go to 20k dollar steem will be $8 again. But sadly it is not even $1. I am so upset I need this relaxing sounds.

27.12.2020 11:02

Well I only use chrome and firefox because these browser are fast and all the extension is available for these browsers.

27.12.2020 11:34

Problems come but we need to face them. And this relaxing music will help you to forget those problems and live a happy life.

27.12.2020 12:35

We can all do with tuning out the world and listening to soothing music that calms us down and makes us feel better. Stress is one of the biggest problems in the world right now, so nice to see this app.

27.12.2020 13:57