The Diary game: 15/05/2021...Another busy day.

Extending warm greetings from my side of the globe to all the beautiful people on the Steemit platform. Today was another very busy day for me since it was the date scheduled for my grandmother’s wake-keeping to take place. I woke up as early as 5:30am prayed and then brushed up and started doing my house chores. When I was done doing my house chores I made breakfast ,had mine and left the house to go help out in the preparations for the night. We prepared foodstuffs (jellof rice ,fufu and vegetable , yam and Ndole) then one of my aunt brought fish pie which she had been asked to make.
I got back home at 1pm when everyone was going to church for a mass and to bring home the corpse for the wake. When I got home I took a bath then prayed and slept for about 2hours. When I woke up it was 3:30pm I watched a movie and left the house at 4pm to go meet up with everyone at the wake. When I got there everyone was sitted and my aunt called for me to help her serve food and drinks to the visitors who had come.



After about 2hours when everyone was done eating they played some music. When it was dark I dished some food for myself then left for home with my sisters. When I got home I went to the kitchen and saw that there was left over doughnut and some juice so I decided to have some. After which I watched a movie and it was time to write my diary then go to bed.

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