The "Lichen" disease of fruit trees.

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Lichens also called lichenized mushrooms, are composite organisms resulting from an intimate and lasting association between two heterospecific organisms, they are classified in the category of Fungi.


The word "lichen" comes from the Greek.


The study of lichens is called "Lichenology".


In the ecosystem, lichens are one of the sometimes important components of biodiversity.

They are also an important source of food for many species, including sometimes for large mammals.


They also play an important role in capturing particles from the air and rain, contributing to the permanent purification of environments and the recycling of elements.


Lichens feed on what they get from air and meteoric waters, this has advantages, but also disadvantages such as the accumulation of toxic elements.


In the dyeing industry, lichens are obtained from dyes of fairly rich shades, beautiful shades of blue, purplish red and purple ...etc

Certain lichens are used to produce essential perfume oils.

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26.01.2020 17:51

I never knew😳😳

26.01.2020 18:21

We learn something new every day.

26.01.2020 19:43

Very interesting information and photos. I had no idea just how important Lichens can be to an ecosystem. That they are used to make dyes and perfume base was interesting to learn as well. Good and interesting post! :)

26.01.2020 18:22

Thank you so much.

26.01.2020 19:46

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26.01.2020 19:45

Thank you so much.

26.01.2020 19:53

Amazing "lichen" and interesting information! I especial like the 4th picture, the "lichen" with the bright blue sky in the background. Great shot! ;)

30.01.2020 23:27

Thank you so much.

31.01.2020 13:25

You're welcome! ;)

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