The most dramatic and memorable Cricket World Cup for me is the 2015 World Cup-Nz vs Aus

Hello friends.
Today I am going to describe my most memorable World Cup match.

My most memorable World Cup match is Australia v New Zealand match 28 February 2015 Pool-A No. 20 match.

The game was a day and night match. This is the most memorable match of the 2015 World Cup I think.

Field name

Auckland, New Zealand


Australia won the toss and elected to bat.

The umpire

Marais Erasmus
Richard illngworth

Tv umpire

Sundaram Ravi

Match referee

Chris board


Australia's decision to bat after winning the toss in the first 10 overs proves that they made the right decision. They lost 1 wicket in the first 10 overs and scored 68 runs. They went for 3 for 94 in 16 overs. Then Australia's batting collapsed. They were later able to score only 57 runs for 7 wickets. They were all out for 151 in 32.2 overs.

Aus Short score shit

David Warner 34 run
Shane Watson 23 run
Brad haddin 43 run

Nz bowling

Trent boult 10 over 27 run 5 wkt
Tim southern 9 over 65 run 2 wkt

New Zealand then batted at the target of 152 runs. They lost 4 wickets for 81 runs in the first 10 overs of Brendon McCullum's stormy batting. When the wicket went, they made half a run in the power play. But New Zealand's batting was being beaten by Starc's speed and swing. Ken Williamson won the match by just 1 wicket in 23.1 overs.

Nz batting short score

Brendon mccullum 50 run
Kane willamson 45* run
Corey Anderson 26 run

Aus bowling score

Mitchell starc 9 over 28 run 6 wkt
Pat Cummins 6.1 overs 38 run 2 wkt

I can say that those who watched this match enjoyed it very much. I was very impressed to see Trent Bolt and Stark bowling in this match. He also saw Brendon McCullum batting. This is what I will remember for the rest of my life. I saw a great match.

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Yes , It was one of the exciting of 2015WC. Ken Williamson's extra ordinary will remember all the time.

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Yes bro..

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