The Diary Game-26/12/2020

Assalamualaikum friends.
How are you all? Hope you are all healthy and well. I'm fine.

Starting my daily diary today:


Today I woke up around 9 am. Then I went to the washroom and freshened up. Then I brushed my teeth. Then I packed my books and left for private.



I cycled to private. I cycled slowly because of the cold. So it took a little longer to go private. I did a math in private today. Then I came home at the end of the private. When I got home I watched TV. And ate breakfast in the morning. Then I went to my uncle's house to get a tiffin bowl.

in auto


I went there and talked for a long time. They won't let me come without eating rice. I ate polao and beef there. Then I came home after eating and drinking. When I got home, I went to the market to give rice to my father.


Then I came home and had lunch. I finished eating and drinking and sat down. After a while everyone in the area went out. I also went out after listening to everyone.

with friends and brother


I went and saw a little boy with an auto having an accident with a motorcycle. The front of the motorcycle was completely broken and the auto was damaged. Then I moved on from there. Then I went to play.

before match with teammates



The car I went to play in did not have a front wheel nut. Frightened, I went to the field in an auto. We played 14 overs. We 14 we gave 90 runs target. The opposing team lost the match by 4 runs.

cricket pitch


The match was a lot of fun. This time I came home after the game. When I came home I cleaned my hands and feet and entered the room.


About seven in the evening I went to the field to play. We were supposed to play at eight o'clock. But the game started too late due to the late arrival of the chief guest. The game started again at eleven o'clock at night. We lost the match for our batsmen. After the game we went home. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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