The Diary Game-24/12/2020

Assalamualaikum friends. How are you all Hope you are all healthy and well. I am also much better by the grace of God. My fever is still better. But new corona virus attacks have occurred.
I am starting my daily diary today in front of you:


Today I woke up around 9am. I woke up and picked up the mosquito net. Then I went to the bathroom.



Then I brushed my teeth. After brushing my teeth I ate breakfast. Breakfast was boiled eggs and fried bread with eggs. This time I finished taking medicine. Then an older brother told me to go to the terminal.

cricket ground

After a while the elder brother came. Then we went to the playground together on a motorcycle. I went to the field and saw that there was no one. Everyone came to the field in 10-15 minutes.

beside the ground


Then we said we won the toss. They gave us a target of 119 runs in 12 overs. We managed to score 105 runs in 12 overs. Despite having a lot of good players in our team, we lost the match. Then I finished the game and came home in a van.


I came home and took a bath. Then I ate lunch. After eating I watched the Big Bash game on TV. Then in the afternoon I went to the shoemaker to fix the shoes. The first time I went, I sat for about 20 minutes but there was no shoemaker in the shop.



Then I went again. Then I came home with the shoes. Some friends called me in the evening. Later I went with them and had tea in the shop. I finished my tea and went home. Then I got ready to go play.


We had a cricket tournament in Sarkar Para. Our team was very weak. And the opposing team was much tougher. Even then we bowled well and gave a target of only 56 runs in 8 overs. But our batsman could not make that run. After losing the match, I went home upset. Then I came home and ate dinner. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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