The Diary Game-19/12/2020

Assalamualaikum friends.

Hope you are all healthy and well. I am also good Alhamdulillah. However, my fever and cold have not subsided yet.

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Day by day we have to increase the amount of cold. The number of corona patients is increasing. That is very worried about when this coronavirus will disappear at once.

I am starting my daily diary today in front of you:


Today I woke up at around 10 in the morning. Last night my private brother was running a message that he would not teach private today. So I fell asleep. The body was a little sick and did not want to get up early. I was fresh after waking up.



Then I brushed my teeth. After that I had breakfast. After breakfast I lay in bed watching TV. Then on Messenger I talked to different friends. I went to see the incense trees. The songs have been very beautiful.


Then in the afternoon I went to give rice to my father on a bicycle. After eating rice I met my friend at his shop in the market. I was there for about an hour. Then I came home. When I came home, I ate rice. He did not want to eat due to fever. Maybe I ate some rice and left. Then again I lay down and watched TV. In the afternoon, my mother came with a cheetah and incense chop. I ate them.


Then at night I went to Fuchka's shop to eat Fuchka. I came home after eating and drinking. When I got home I lay down. While lying down I was listening to music on my mobile. This was my daily diary today.

Thanks everyone



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